21st April – New office finished!

Hi guys & gals,

Finally – our new office is all done!!

Today we just mounted our nice big 16″ x 24″ prints and got them up on the walls – and also got our new canvasses back, which look stunning!

So it’s now all ready to go!

We have a lovely client meeting space, with some comfy couches & coffee table to sit and flick through sample wedding albums, some nice big prints & canvas work on the walls (the biggest of these is 1.3 metres long, which is a sizey piece indeed!).

Off to the back is our new work space, with each of our desks set up so that both Amber & I can talk to each other while we work, and lean across to see what the other is working on – usually Amber is busy designing albums & I’m editing photos!

So it’s done – perhaps it wasn’t the smartest undertaking right in the middle of wedding season, but it’s finished, and we love it!

So now you can come & meet us here! Stop in for a chat & a coffee – we can’t wait to show it off!

A few pics below of the final look (although they’re really too small to get a good feel for it!)

Ta ta for now 🙂