11th August 2008 – Shot of the week

OK – there’s a bit of a story to go with this one…

A while ago we were out at this stream, having a picnic. I wanted to take a shot of the water flowing over the stones, but it was too sunny – and therefore I couldn’t get a long enough shutter speed without making the image too bright.

It has been on my mind for a while since then, and I could see in my head how I wanted the picture to look. So yesterday morning, I got up in the dark, drove the 30 minutes out to the stream, set up my tripod in the middle of the river and waited for it to get light enough. Just as dawn was breaking, I shot one frame and was happy with it. So I packed everything up again and drove home.

The effort was worth it – because now I have that shot that I had been picturing in my mind for the last few months. Here’s how it came out: