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When I first met Sian and Serg, they talked about how they were going to have a small backyard wedding at her parents home overlooking the water. However they proved to be far too popular, and it soon became apparent that they were going to need somewhere slightly larger! Their final decision was The Wharf in Northcote – complete with the water views that were so important to them.

I usually like to let the photos do the talking, but a couple of photos down there is a story that deserves a little more explanation.
Sian and her Dad have such an awesome relationship, that when it cane time for Sian’s hen’s night Mark asked if he was invited. Sian said that of course he was more than welcome – so long as he adhered to the “goddess” theme of the evening.
This conversation was mostly forgotten by Sian – but not by Mark – who halfway through the evening made his grand entrance to the dinner, long blonde wig, makeup and a gorgeous gown. Needless to say he turned a few heads as he strolled down the Auckland waterfront!! What a dad!

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Sian and Serg definitely have some talented people in their lives. Serg’s mum designed and created Sian’s dress, and maid of honour Rose (and Sian) created everything floral you see from this point onwards!

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Usually when we see kids at weddings, they’ll mostly enter a room cautiously, checking out all the new faces and slowly warming up.
Not these girls.
They erupted into the room at full volume “Aunty Sian it’s our wedding!!!!!”
So I title this next sequence; “Flowergirl – a study in enthusiasm”.

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Vendor Shoutout:

Auckland Wedding Photographers – Perspectives Photo + Cinema
Venue: The Wharf, Auckland
Cake: Sweet Bite Cakes
Celebrant: Peta Hardley

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