Gracehill Kumeu wedding photos – Jono & Yvonne’s sneak peek!

Hi guys,

On Saturday, we headed out to photograph Jono & Yvonne’s wedding – at the Avondale Reformed Church, and then on to Gracehill Vineyard in Kumeu, for their reception.

Our morning began around at the boys house, where we found Jono & his groomsmen ready to roll.

This was shot with some off-camera flash down at the bottom of the stairs, giving it that nice punchy lighting effect. Love the suave tails on the morning suit that Jono was wearing 🙂

Gracehill Wedding Photos

We spied a tree full of ‘autumn’ … so headed across to the next-door neighbours backyard to make the most of it…

Gracehill Wedding Photos


To see many more images from Jono & Yvonne’s wedding day – click the ‘keep reading’ link below 🙂

Gracehill Wedding Photos

We left the boys (who were planning to get back into casual clothes and have a BBQ breakfast!!) and arrived around at the girls place – where Yvonne was in the final stages of makeup..

Gracehill Wedding Photos

Everyone looked stunning – the bridesmaids in their beautiful ‘infinity’ dresses which Yvonne had made – very talented!

Gracehill Wedding Photos

We had time for a few shots around the place…

Gracehill Wedding Photos

Gracehill Wedding Photos

And then it was down to the church.

When we arrived, we saw their gorgeous flower girl – holding her bouquet. Her aunty (Yvonne’s sister) is a florist – and had done all the girls bouquets. But part of the rules of being a florist, is that this little one usually isn’t allowed to touch the flowers. So today – being able to hold her own special bouquet, her eyes just lit up!

Gracehill Wedding Photos

Jono, seeing Yvonne for the first time.

Gracehill Wedding Photos

Gracehill Wedding Photos

Their parents came up to the front of the church at the conclusion of the service, and all prayed for them. Beautiful.

Gracehill Wedding Photos

For our location photos, we had 3 spots lined up – the beach, Gracehill, and some cool trees we’d found.
The usual (and logical) sequence of events would be to shoot at Gracehill last, so that once we were finished, we could head inside for the reception & were already there.

But logic is often trumped by opportunity – and in this case, we hoped we might get something of a sunset down at the beach, if only we could stay there up until the last possible moment.

So we headed to Gracehill first – and took some shots down on the jetty…

Gracehill Wedding Photos

Gracehill Wedding Photos

Gracehill Wedding Photos

Gracehill Wedding Photos

Gracehill Wedding Photos

Then – down in one of the corners, this beautiful tree was in full autumn colour brilliance.

You’ve seen me mention before – we LOVE autumn weddings. For so many reasons. It’s not so hot, like the middle of summer, the colours are fantastic, and the afternoon light is just the best to work with. And – we can get sunsets at 6pm, when we’re actually out shooting the bridal party photos, as opposed to a 9.30pm sunset in summer that occurs around the same time as the first dance. Autumn = awesome.

Gracehill Wedding Photos

Gracehill Wedding Photos

Gracehill Wedding Photos

Gracehill Wedding Photos

The bridal party had a bunch of rose petals to throw around… so we made sure they were put to good use…

Gracehill Wedding Photos

Then, we saddled up, hit the road, and stopped in at our trees.

Love how this image is both beautiful & eerie at the same time.

Gracehill Wedding Photos

Walking back to the cars, this light was hitting the trees behind them so perfectly.

Gracehill Wedding Photos

We raced off to the beach, racing both the remaining daylight, and our time we needed to leave by!

Gracehill Wedding Photos

When you’re shooting down by the waterline… there’s always one teeeennny problem..

Gracehill Wedding Photos

And then, the sunset started getting sunsetty..

Gracehill Wedding Photos

And it was right about this point… that we needed to leave. So we said ‘guys – we can stick to schedule & head back now, or we can be 15 minutes late back, and see if we can get a sunset.’

Guess what they opted for.

Gracehill Wedding Photos

Gracehill Wedding Photos

Gracehill Wedding Photos

Gracehill Wedding Photos

Thanks so much, both Yvonne & Jono – but also your fabulous bridesmaids & groomsmen – for indulging us, braving the cold wind proved worthwhile 🙂

Back at Gracehill, after their arrival at the reception, Jono & Yvonne took the chance to have a sneaky first dance practice..

Gracehill Wedding Photos

Then, just before we headed home for the night, we set up some lights outside, where there was a cool fountain – and played with some backlighting, shining through the water. Here’s the very final frame of the whole day.

Gracehill Wedding Photos

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Jono & Yvonne, thank you both so much for inviting us along to share a part in your wedding day – we had a fantastic time with you guys, and we’ll have more images on the way soon!

Isaac, Amber, and Tam.


  1. Mish says:

    Wow these are awesome shots!

  2. CJ says:

    I love the beach shots, the lighting and composition is simply stunning!

  3. Gerry ter Veen says:

    Great shots… amazing lighting effects.

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    Love the contrasting colours- the yellow leaves and the blue/grey beach sky make your dress look amAzing! You really had a fantastic beach day with such a looming sky- gorgeous. Congrats again!

  7. Jeannette ter Veen says:

    Love the photos, you have captured some amazing shots, in fact they are all just beautiful and we look forward to seeing more. I was also really impressed with how you were there but it didn’t feel like you were, especially during the ceremony. 🙂

    Just want to clarify, the florist was the little flower girls mum 🙂

    Kind regards
    Jeannette ter Veen

  8. Courtney says:

    Beautiful photos! Had to show all my workmates, during work hours of course. They think they’re amazing too 🙂

  9. Alida P says:

    These are the most amasing, beautiful photos i’ve ever seen! Especially that last shot! Sooo totally jealous! Wish i’d known about these guys when i got married!!!!
    You looked stunning Von! I’m so happy for you two!

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    You have captured the beauty in nature in such a special way…
    what treasures!

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