William + Sarah – Kelliher Estate Wedding Video

Set at Kelliher Estate, here is a story about identical twins, a paddock full of sunflowers and a legal obligation to make sure that “the right two people” got married!


Every wedding we film is motivated by who the couple are and what makes them unique.  So we sat down with Will and Sarah before their wedding and found a few interesting things about the two of them.  First up, Sarah has an identical twin!  And with Will knowing Sarah since high school there was a history of twin dating jokes stored up!

They sent us a copy of the ceremony a few days before their wedding, and sure enough “6 tips on how to date a twin” was included in the celebrants message.  Queue the inspiration!   It meant we could be a lot more proactive and creative in how we filmed the getting ready shots knowing that they would tie into the ceremony footage later on in the day.
Kelliher Estate
We also had a heads up that Will’s pretty good at growing flowers too!  And with their plans to decorate Kelliher Estate with sunflowers from Will’s farm we jumped at the chance to capture a bit of the working bee in progress!

All in all it’s about telling their story.  We’re not interested in just capturing footage to make a generic wedding video.  We want to tell stories with a little more meaning and personality in them. So we hope you like it!


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Cheers, Jared.