Wedding Video Auckland: Rob + Kate’s Wedding Video

If I had one word to describe Rob and Kate’s wedding it would be … FUN!

Sometimes, actually quite a lot of the time the mornings are so much fun! The family were doing the maths on how to set up the Hoopa, Rob his best men and Kate’s dad went 4WD’n and Kate looked at pictures of cats and practiced their father daughter dance later to be seen that night!

And their personalized vows … check out the celebrants reactions! Gold. Good on you two for making them your own. But then again Kate’s a Copywriter so they were always going to be awesome!

A home full of meows – Rob + Kate’s Wedding Highlights from Perspectives Photo + Cinema on Vimeo.

And for those of you wondering what Mazel tov is? It’s a Jewish tradition often done at weddings. The groom breaks a glass with is foot. (OSH look away!) It’s got many meanings but signifies that now as the couple is married their love is changed forever and takes on a new form. Kinda cool huh! Oh, and the Hoopa is pretty neat too!

Rob and Kate’s wedding was at out on the west coast. And it’s a pretty cool place to have a wedding too. We were lucky not to have too much wind and we got some beautiful west coast sun late afternoon as well.

Awesome. Long lived Rob, Kate and their many cats!