Same Day Edit Wedding Video – Ralph + Chie

Same Day Edit wedding videos are by far the most rewarding thing we do. To have 100+ guests watching a film you've videoed just hours beforehand, ALL oooo'ing and aaahh'ing, cheering for Ralph as he said his vows and his dad yelling "THAT'S MY SON!!!" is an insanely epic experience I'll never forget!

Ralph and Chie are the coolest couple.  And I’m so stoked we got to create a Same Day Edit for them.  It was a wedding I’d been looking forward to for quite a while.   And yesterday didn’t disappoint one bit.  All day the vibe was of excitement and anticipation for the wedding ceremony.  In the morning Chie was like … “will he cry when he see’s me…  HE BETTER!!! ” Even their vows which they wrote separate from each other were just so them.  It seriously was a pleasure to be a part of it all. Here’s their Same Day Edit video we made for them which got played at their reception later that night.



***   Lego Bricks   ***

Not something I’d normally associate with romance but then again I’m not Ralph and Chie!  But as Ralph said at the end of his vows “we’re perfect for each other, as we fit together like lego bricks”.  Lego Bricks is very much Ralph and Chie. Among other things Ralph loves his 1980’s MA61 Celica Supra and a healthy passion for lego!  And it’s rubbed off on Chie too.  QUITE LITERALLY!!  Turns out they both have matching lego bricks tattooed onto their arms.  A few months ago, just for kicks they even decided to buy some giant lego heads!  Putting all this together we knew their was a story to be told!

Same Day Edit Wedding

At about 1230am (the morning of their wedding) inspiration struck, and I managed to figure out a way to include this lego theme into their wedding day.  Knowing so much about Ralph and Chie’s story through their vows and obsession with lego, we could be so much more proactive about our story telling. And the end result was a story that meant so much more to who Ralph and Chie are as people then just videoing ‘generic wedding related’ moments.


***    Same Day Edit    ***

 I’m a massive fan of the movie Bicentennial Man.  I watched the movie when it first came out in 1999. I saw how the robot Andrew Martin was able to record, edit and project the entire wedding day that very night.

Same Day Edit Video

I remember thinking, man the future will be awesome someday!!  We’ll for Ralph and Chie that was last night.  The 14th of March 2014!  So it was pretty cool to able play their wedding day back just a few hours after it actually happened.

Same Day Edit Wedding

Showtime was scheduled for 845pm so I knew I had about 3 hours to pull something together after the ceremony ended.  At about the 2:30 hour mark the story was in place which meant I had about 30 mins to tweak and put the gloss on it.  All in all I’m super happy with how it came together. And so stoked there’s a meaningful story that was told through their film too! UPDATE!!!


So we happened to film the reaction from the Same Day Edit too!  Check this film out below.  It captures a glimpse of how epic the atmosphere was at Ralph and Chie’s reception.  Ps:  stay watching till the VERY end.  Something funky happens!


***   Same Day Edit Reactions   ***

We also made a second film for Ralph and Chie.  Highlighting some of the other, more humours story lines that happened on their day.  And plenty of no shame dancing inspired by SnoopDog himself!



Keen to see some more Same Day Edit’s we’ve done in in the past?  Check this link out.  Same Day Edit goodness. You’re more than welcome to leave a comment below.  We’re on Facebook too if you’d like to follow us there.

Epic Vendor Shoutout:
Wedding Venue:  Gracehill Vineyard
Wedding Celebrant: Rosalie Brown
Wedding DJ & MC: Mike Steffens
Wedding Florist: Leaf and Honey
Wedding Dress: Alma J
Wedding Makeup: Sophie Beddoes
Wedding Car: First Class Classics