Queenstown Wedding Video: JJ + Silas – Persistence beats Resistance

How to celebrate a wedding, Chinese style!

JJ and Silas got married at Stoneridge Estate in Queenstown with a whole bunch of their friends and family from all around the world. I remember thinking later on that night as the party was in full force how awesome these people are. JJ and Silas are the coolest people and have such good friends!

We’ve videoed a number of chinese weddings before and capturing all of the games and traditions defiantly is fun and adds a cool dimension to the day. But I think what really impacted us was how people focused the whole day really was.

There were 3 things that really stood out for me.

1: The Tea Ceremony.

It’s a tradition that recognizes and respects parents, grandparents and close family. Tea and gifts are shared with each other. But what was really cool was the words that were shared during the tea ceremony. At the time we had no idea what they were saying but wow it hit us big time! We were just blown away by the respect and importance JJ and Silas have for their family.

2: The Vows.

In a day with lots of traditions JJ and Silas through this part out the window! They did say brief vows to each other but they both took the time to recognize each other, where they’d come from and how much love meant to them. Sometimes the celebrant makes general comments about what marriage is. With the words they spoke JJ and Silas made their ceremony their own. This was quite a powerful moment and really stuck with me!

3: The Best Man’s Speech.

It was just an epic speech all round! As Silas’ best man he knew Silas so well. It was the stories told when Silas was single and how through Persistence and Resistance Silas finally won JJ over! It was great to hear and give more insight into where JJ and Silas have come from.

And I think that’s why I love capturing weddings through the medium of cinema. Every wedding day is full of details, decorations, traditions, music and food. But when you boil it all down true meaning at a wedding is found through people. And for us this the focus of our cinema. That’s what a marriage is. Two people, proclaiming their love to each other for the rest of their lives!

We also photographed their whole wedding too! Check out their photos here.