The Stories We Tell

Here’s a selection of short stories we’ve had the privilege of telling on people’s wedding days. Each film is 100% inspired by who our couples are and the stories that made their day unique and meaningful to them.


Mike + Melissa – Where Them Girls At?

The rule book went out the window for this one. Traditional church wedding. Long wedding dress. Sit down dinner. If it wasn’t quite Mike and Melissa, it got the cut. Quite literally! Hence Melissa’s wedding dress was short, as Mike is quite found of said legs! And Mike made sure he got his grand entrance to the ceremony, not just Melissa! This was their wedding, from head to toe bare feet.





Chris + Lindsay – A Living Museum

This is one for the poets out there. As her last act of service to the church before retiring, Chris’ 86 year old grandmother Rev. Joan Hamilton wed Chris and Lindsay. What transpired was some of the most beautifully spoken words you could wish to hear.  
So turn this one up, it’s worth a listen!!





Matt + Jomine – A New Best Friend

Behind the awesomeness of having a wedding in an actual barn, this story was bigger than just Matt and Jomine. It was also a story about Jomine’s brother and best friend, Nico. Weaved through the whole film is the story told of Jomine letting go of her best friend in Nico, to find a new one in her husband Matt.





Mat + Kylie – Old School Disney

Well let me introduce you to Mr Romance himself. This guy is the envy of many a woman. His proposal film has clocked up over 1,000,000 views on YouTube, has ruined women’s mascara on many an occasion. And was even voted in as one of Germany’s “Top 25 emotional stories in the world” (How’s that!) … So Ladies and Gentleman even more jealous ladies. I present to you … Mr Mathew Nimmo!





William + Sarah – The Most Intimidating Thing

Here is a story about identical twins, a paddock full of sunflowers and a legal obligation to make sure that “the right two people” got married!





Pomare + Vanessa – Beginning of Creation

Talk about put a tingle up your spine! Set at St Faith’s Church on the edge of Lake Rotorua, Pomare and Vanessa embraced their history, culture and passion for one another in a pretty epic way!





Greg + Sam – A Fairytale Love Story

Set in the back blocks of Pukekohe on a lush green lawn, two bloody awesome families held a celebration 10 years in the making. From intimate vows to a magical woodland forest. Some F@*k’n good speeches and a dance party without shame , this is quite a remarkable little story that is completely Greg and Sam.





Arthur + Aradhna – Two Worlds Combine

Arthur and Aradhna actually got married twice! Day one was their Kiwi wedding, then day two they did it all again but this time traditional Indian style.

Their kiwi wedding was held at Kings Collage chapel in Auckland which is one amazing place to film in! Then on day two we were treated to the rich Indian culture capturing the henna being painted on Aradhna’s hands and having the groom make an entrance at the ceremony. All up it was definitely a wedding we’ll remember for a while!





Bryn + Shona – ‘Roger That’

How to make an entrance to your wedding 101: Arrive by helicopter that your dad’s flying, to a church that your husband to be relocated, and then walk down the aisle before your bridesmaids! Now that’s how it’s done!!!





Faheem + Farzana – At Last, We Unite

Captured over two days, this is the story of journey that Faheem and Farzana took completely separated from each other. Until at last they saw each other as husband and wife!





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