My Same Day Edit Wedding Video Addiction

This year we tried something brand new for us.  Same Day Edit Wedding Videos!

When I first heard about people doing these overseas I just could not understand how on earth something like this could be possible!  Starting the day with absolutely nothing and 8-10 hours later expected to have a finished 4 minute video to show in front of 100+ people.  NO WAY!

Well … we did it.  Twice now!  And I have to say I’m quietly pretty proud with how well they came out.  It seriously is a real buzz to stand there at the back of the reception and watch everyone laugh and cry at what we created just hours before.  Same Day Edits were something I’d dream’t of for a number of years and it was now playing right in front of me! Pretty cool.

Our first Same Day Edit wedding video was at Peter and Jocelyn’s wedding.  We made a few mistakes with handling the first cull of the footage.  Come 6pm I still had no story on the timeline!   Arrrgggg!  The SDE was due to be played at the end of Peter’s speech.  I was sitting in a back room editing while Mat was filming the speeches.  I could hear Peter start his speech as I was still putting the end of the film together!!  But we made it!  With about 4 minutes to spare!  Massive relief!!!

same day edit

A quick upload and edit the morning of Shailen and Alisa's SDE.

Our second SDE was at Shalein and Alisa’s wedding last month at Castaways.  We did things a little differently this time and it was so much easier.  We even had the first 50 seconds of the film completed by noon!  The whole day was so much fun.  I actually finished the video with two hours to spare. How’s that!

I never knew if I’d like the pressure of doing SDEs.  But I quickly learn’t that I absolutely LOVE the challenge.   It’s such a buzz and just adds another really cool dimension to the day.  It kind of is an addiction.  I get withdrawals when I’m not doing one.  I’m like Mat, we sooo could of pulled off an SDE today!

On top of that the bride, groom, guests and even venue staff all stop working to watch them too!  It just adds a bit more spice to the reception celebrations!

So here’s the two SDE wedding videos we’ve created so far.

Watch this space too.  Being the creative (addictive) type we are, we’ve continued to experiment with our SDE offerings  ….  More info on that coming soon!  He he.

Peter + Jocelyn’s Same Day Edit

Peter + Jocelyn || Same Day Edit from Perspectives Photo + Cinema on Vimeo.

Shailen + Alisa’s Same Day Edit

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