Markovina Wedding Video – Henry + Annika

Videoed at St Benedicts Church and then off to Markovina for their reception, here's Henry and Annika's little story of their wedding day!

**** Henry + Annika – Everyone, this is my Wife ****

These two are so cute!  They both got ready in the same house the both own.  Annika upstairs, Henry downstairs.  No big deal!  They even left the job of making the table cards for each of their guests till after their ceremony.  A little different but it was actually quite cool.  Pizza was ordered for lunch then the whole bridal party formed a production line to make and sort the cards.  Everyone had a good time and made for a nice little break in the day before heading off to Markovina to set up all the decorations they’d just made!

The other cool thing we picked up on was just how in love these two were.  Annika writing a note for Henry to read once he got to the church.  And Henry’s speech!  He is seriously head over heals for this girl.  It was so cool he shared a little of his heart at that moment, and it made for the perfect ending to the wedding video too!

A little plug for Markovina too.  Just so many fairy lights to shoot through at the reception.  Made videoing the speech’s that much more beautiful!

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