Hamilton Wedding Video – Paul + Rowena – Highlights + Feature Film

**** Highlights ****

This wedding makes me want to go to Ireland! But I kinda got a bit of the Irish here anyway! A hole bunch of Pauls family traveled over for the wedding and they defiantly stamped their flavor on things! Showed us Kiwi’s how to dance. That’s for sure! Even at 1030pm the kids were still fully into it!


We always turn up early on the wedding day. And never regret it. Rowena and her Dad love running and have recently converted Paul into morning run too! So the day started at 730am for us!  We also managed to capture the awesome string balloons being painted, by Rowena’s brother and then Paul and his groomsmen hanging them up at the venue to add a personal touch to the ceremony.

We love this kind of stuff!  It makes for more meaningful films because they’re actually unique to the couple.  It captures more than just the cliche hair and makeup shots.  It tells the story of how you can’t shut Paul up!  Being Irish he loves to tell stories, hence the coffee shop scene.  How Paul and Rowena love their wine.  Their whole family actually went on a wine tour around NZ just before the wedding!  It shows the early morning/photoshoot dance prep for the Marry You first dance later that night!

So here’s Paul and Rowena’s Highlights and Feature Films we made for them. Wedding Films that could be made for no one else bar Paul and Rowena.  🙂


**** Feature Film ****

Wanna see more?! Here’s a SameDayEdit film we filmed, edited and showed the night of the wedding! Matt and Jomine’s Barn Wedding

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