French Bay Yacht Club Wedding | Isaac + Angelique | Auckland Wedding Video

How Isaac and Angelique rocked their affordable wedding in 8 simple steps!

More than anything else that goes into making a wedding day happen, it’s the people you experience it with that matter most. It couldn’t of been more true for Isaac and Angelique. They didn’t have to biggest budget to spend on extravagant extras at their wedding. But it really didn’t matter one bit. Scattered throughout their entire day were a whole bunch of genuine “people moments” that truly made their wedding day priceless!

So here they are!!!

1: A dirty driveway burnout that pissed off the neighbours.
2: The creative story about how Bex (the MOH) scored “wedding” flowers for 20 bucks the day of!
3: Isaac’s forever romancing ways of a surprise necklace for Angelique to wear, and the humourous jealously displayed by said bridesmaids.
4: Getting covered in rice 5 mins after getting hitched.
5: Watching the sun set on the first day of marriage.
6: Having Mr Whippy gatecrash their reception.
7: Managing to pay off half their wedding during the first dance! (hint, you have to have filipino blood to manage this!)
8: And nothing tops a sparkler exit to send the newlyweds on their way!

Boom, there it is.  Isaac and Angelique’s actually epic wedding day on a budget!

French Bay Yacht Club Wedding | Isaac + Angelique | Auckland Wedding Video

We hope you liked their little wedding video!  Feel free to leave a comment below if you dig Isaac and Angelique’s styles!

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