Filipino Wedding Video – Rafael + Jane – Are You Ready?

One thing's for sure, Filipino's sure do know how to celebrate at a wedding reception! So make sure you hang around till "after" the end of the video as things get a little spicy!

***** Rafael + Jane – Are You Ready *****


We knew a couple of things about Rafael and Jane’s wedding before we videoed it.  Jane had a hand in pretty much everything that went into their wedding.  So we figured what better thing to do than video the set up!  So we arrived at 9am at the reception venue and got the buzz of a working bee and everything Jane had dream’t of, coming together.

The other bonus of spending all day with our couples is picking up on the small, but meaningful things that aren’t always written into the wedding schedule.  Jane has an addiction for coffee, so Rafael decided it would be a good thing to deliver her a hot coffee with personalised message on top!  And while this was going on Jane was busy writing her vows for later that day!!

Jane’s Filipino wedding dress from Veluz was also something she’d had her eye on for the last 10 years!!!  And I have to say (even being a typical guy)  it was actually pretty awesome!!

Thanks so much Rafael and Jane for letting us video your wedding day.  You guys are awesome!!

Vendor Shoutout:

Wedding Ceremony: St. Leonards Chapel of Wilson Home
Wedding Harpist: Louise Cole
Wedding Reception: Duders of Devonport
Wedding Dress: Veluz
Wedding Photographer: Available Light Ltd

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Cheers, Jared and Pete.