Auckland Wedding Videography || Josh + Candice

The Spoken Word

Sometimes I can’t help but think of our cinema as a time capsule. Josh and Candice carefully chose the words they shared with each other on that day. And the investment they made into each other is now something they have on record, in their little time capsule of a film for the rest of their lives!

This is why (in my books) we have the greatest job ever! (can’t you see?!)

The most powerful and wonderful thing we humans have is love. As cinematographers we get to capture and preserve what happens on a couples wedding day. The day that they make spoken vows to each other that impacts the rest of their lives. That’s pretty EPIC!!

On a side note (now that I’ve calmed down a bit!) Josh and Candice had their wedding at The Red Barn near Matamata. What an amazing place! I think it’s the first time we’ve filmed a first dance outside. And defiantly with sparklers! Way too cool!!

Anyway, I hope you enjoy their little time capsule!

Jared and Mat.

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