Auckland Wedding Video – Greg + Sam – Highlights + Feature Film

***** Highlights Film *****

We’ve been looking forward to this wedding for a long time! We heard stories about an entire backyard been re-grassed just for the wedding. How Greg and Sam were high school sweet hearts, and how crazy excited they were to get married! We just knew this would be a cracker of a wedding! … And heck yes it was!

So maybe I’ll say this to introduce Greg and Sam’s wedding videos:



Set in the back blocks of Pukekohe on a lush green lawn, two bloody awesome families held a celebration 10 years in the making. From intimate vows to some [email protected]*k’n good speeches, this is a story that is completely Greg and Sam.



***** Feature Film *****

I got this back from Sam and Greg after watching their Highlights Film.

We are currently sitting debating how to find the words to tell you how we feel after watching our highlights video. But there aren’t words!!!! We have a hugest, face splitting grins on our faces and tears in our eyes!!! You took us on an emotion rollercoster – in 5 minutes! Smiles, tears and laughter!!!
This is way beyond the amazing and perfect film we wanted and we are over the moon! You perfectly captured everything right from the early morning through to the crazy night! Even the music fits perfectly!  Thank you so much!! Now we have to go and watch it again!

[5 mins later]

…Holy hell we just watched it again. Honestly you are amazing. I hope you realise how awesome you are!!!!!!!! This is the coolest thing we have ever seen – of course we are biased hahahaha

I want to say the same back! Sam and Greg, we did nothing bar capture what we saw!  You guys had the most epic wedding.  You’re both such amazing people and think nothing but of each other.  You both have the softest most honest hearts and bloody genuine friends and families!! We’re seriously so stocked we got to capture your wedding for you.  🙂


We’re really pumped with how these two edits came out too! Greg and Sam not only put a ton of effort into their wedding day, but they also remembered to make their day special for each other!

At 930am (and not before!!) they both opened gifts they’d specifically made for each other. A wooden plaque to remember the day they got married and a book with the 10 years of memories they’ve had together.

Auckland wedding video

Greg and Sam also invested in the vows they shared with each other. Captured in these films they now have the promises that they made to each other on record. Something they, and their kids! can look back on in years to come and actually hear the spoken words that defined the beginning of their marriage! Cool huh!

Auckland wedding video

Wanna see more!  Check out a sneak peak of the photos we took of their day here!!

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