Auckland Wedding Video || Dilan and Lu Ping’s Wedding Video

On the surface weddings can seem very similar. There’s always a ceremony followed by a reception and celebrations afterwards. But when we really focus on what’s going on each wedding is almost never the same!

We got to Lu Ping’s place just as breakfast happened. Her whole extended family came around and they had a grand feast! Her bridesmaids helped dress the car up and it was kinda craziness as everyone helped each other get ready too!

It was halfway through the morning that we realised how important and big a part the whole family played in the wedding. They were very present throughout the whole day. Even the uncle’s got their boogie on that night!

It was also cool to be able to tie in their personal vows to what wen’t on that morning. We didn’t plan it like that but it was obviously them so it came through!

So here’s Dillan + Lu Ping’s Welcome to the Family wedding video! A video that yes has a ceremony and reception but is so completely them!

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