Auckland Wedding Video – Derek and Judy’s Story

Derek + Judy’s Wedding Video – The Missing Piece:

Here’s a little story about Derek, his search for a wife and a new found faith.

Every time we’re asked to video a wedding for a couple we try our best to find their story. Something that defines who they are as a couple, their past together or to capture moments that are truly unique and meaningful to them. For Judy and Derek their story is told by looking into their past.

The Missing Piece: Judy has a strong Christian faith, and it was important for her to find and share this faith in her future spouse. Judy and Derek had been good friends for a number of years but didn’t always see eye to eye on Judy’s faith. But over time and through their Baptist church Derek found this faith the lives in Judy.

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Derek and Judy’s paster Albert Tang who has had a big influence in their spiritual walk also had the privilege to married them both and share his thoughts during the speeches.  In the search for a life companion, Derek found two things. Judy, and the Christian faith.

So although this is a wedding video with a bride, a groom, a ceremony and a reception it also tells a story little story about Derek and Judy as people. For us this gives real meaning to the videos we create. And for Derek and Judy it’s a wedding video that captures what is truly meaningful to them, as much as it does the wedding day itself.

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