Auckland Wedding Video – Chris + Jemma – Highlights + Feature Film

**** Highlights Film ****

Normally we just post the short Highlight video we make for our couples online. This time we thought we’d show you both the Highlights and what a Feature Film looks like!

The goal with everything we do is to make films that are moving, real and beautiful to watch. Truly reflecting each couple and capturing how they experience their wedding day! Not a super comprehensive wedding video that becomes a marathon to watch! Hence our Highlight and Feature Films are shorter than the norm. But they capture everything that needs to be captured. We think this is how wedding videos should be seen!

Here’s Jemma’s response after watching their Feature Film.
“…words are not enough!! We LOVE it. It is everything and more that you said it would be. We are so so so happy with it, you have covered everything in only 13 minutes and picked such perfect music for every segment. Our guests are going to love it, there’s a shot of everyone! Thank you so so much Jared. What an amazing thing for us to have forever.”

We’re pretty stoked with the outcome. Chris and Jemma now have the film on their smartphones/tablets/dvd so wherever they go and whoever they meet they can pull in out and relive those epic moments over and over again. That’s what we’re about. Wedding Films you’ll watch everyday cause they’re just so cool!

**** Feature Film ****

Here’s 3 reasons we think Chris and Jemma’s film is pretty special.

It’s uniquely them!
There are so many parts of this film that are entirely and exclusively them. How the first thing both Jemma and Chris did was start the day with some exercise/sport and spent time with those they love. How Jemma’s teddy lamb/man has been with the family for almost 50 years! Chris’ present of earrings to Jemma and Jemma surprising Chris with “bumblebee” for him to ride to the ceremony in. The words written in Chris’ card to “lem lem” and his thoughts shared with Jemma during his speech.

It’s full of real moments!
Their wedding video is almost entirely candid. That means that if we weren’t there, the moments we captured would still of happened regardless. The film they got from us is actually how they celebrated getting married. Not a cheesy performance in front of the camera. 🙂 This means the moments captured are real and have genuine meaning attached to them.

Chris Married Jemma!!!
This isn’t a video about a wedding. It’s a film about two people getting married. It’s the fact that although lots of planning, details and decorations had gone into the wedding, Chris and Jemma still focused on each other. They were both so in love and excited about getting married that the focus wasn’t about a “perfect wedding” but more the fact that CHRIS MARRIED JEMMA!!!!


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Chris and Jemma got married at Sorrento Restaurant in Cornwell Park, Auckland. A very cool all in one wedding venue!

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