Auckland Wedding Video – Anson + Michelle’s Back to Front Wedding!

I don’t think you can get more unorthodox than this! Anson and Michelle actually got married on the 25th of April 2012 but decided to celebrate it properly with a re-affirmation ceremony on the 18th of November!

It was quite a different experience for us. Both Anson and Michelle got ready at their home together. Both seeing each other throughout the morning. They then drove to the ceremony together! Followed by the reception and then out to Muriwai for a photoshoot!

So completely back to front. But somehow completely normal! In fact (from my point of view anyway) Anson and Michelle were one of the most relaxed couples we’ve ever made a wedding video for!

And the white suit was awesome Anson. I have to say, hat’s off for making your day completely what you wanted Anson and Michelle. We had a blast videoing how it all unfolded!

And a big thanks to Travis for your help on this one. Much appreciated!

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