Asian Wedding Video – Geoff + Cindy – Mutual Weirdness

In Asian Culture marrying your bride is not as easy as just saying "I DO". In Geoff's case he has to prove he's worthy to take her hand in marriage!

This is why a bride has BRIDESMAIDS.   To make sure the groom is actually up to spec!  They’re not just going to let any man come along and take their best friend away.  IT HAS TO BE EARNT!!

So what follows below is a whole bunch of asian games designed to test Geoff’s manliness, intellect and vocal cords to see if Geoff really does love Cindy!!


*** Geoff + Cindy  –  Mutual Weirdness ***


Wanna see more?!  Take a look at this asain wedding video we filmed down in Queenstown not to long ago.

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