A Waikato Farm Wedding – Chris + Naomi’s Wedding Video

When we heard that Chris and Naomi were wanting to get married on the side of a mountain, in a small clearing with a view overlooking the mighty Waikato, with tree stumps as an aisle and hay bales as seats we were like OHHH YEAH this is going to be an awesome wedding!!!

And the day didn’t disappoint either.  A beautiful sunny day in January couldn’t of been more perfect for a farm/hay bale wedding with a view Chris and Naomi wanted!

*****   Chris + Naomi – A Farm Wedding   *****


It is now 2014.  Age of the “round” hay bale.  Something quite different to the small square ones of the past!  Obviously it’s those small square hay bales that are a perfect fit of a farm wedding.  But they’re just not made anymore!  Chris and Naomi knew they were up against it trying to find such things.  But it turned out that Brian (Naomi’s dad) happened to be driving along and pass a farmer who just happened to be towing a trailer load of hay bales!  A quick u-turn and flagging down the farmer resulted in 50 free hay bales to use at their wedding!   Brian was pretty pumped at this, and his contribution to the wedding hence the story of the hay bales in the wedding video!!

Farm Wedding

Something else that caught our eye when we arrived was everyone was sitting down writing letters!  As the story was told in the video it made a little time capture for Chris and Naomi.  Kinda cool I think.  It means that for the next 10 years they’ll have something physical to hold onto that was made on their wedding day!

We photographed their wedding day too!  So if you’re thirsty for some more farm/long grass goodness check them out here!

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Cheers.  Jared and Pete.