wedding tips

Your wedding day is a once in a life time event.
It’s not a cheap party to throw – so here’s a few tips that will help squeeze every last bit of goodness out of us that you possibly can!

be yourselves

If there ever was a secret sauce that makes for the best wedding photos and films, it’s this:

Through all the craziness and stress of organising a wedding, couples that hold onto the pure excitement of actually marrying each other make for the best storytelling films and photos. Romance bubbles to the surface, and moments become meaningful. Excitement inspires the extra mile and uniqueness takes its place.

When the focus shifts from ‘wedding’ to ‘getting married’, people come alive. Wedding formalities go out the door and personality makes an entrance.

Our cinema is completely candid, and barring a few interludes of creative portraiture, so too is our photography. What you make of your day is completely up to you, and that’s what we’ll capture.

So be yourself. Try not to fret about the details, but just be alive to the moment. After all, this is the day you’ll be marrying the love of your life!

This excitement is when the secret sauce arrives and where our imagery really sings!

Making Meaningful Moments:

We often hear this, “I can’t believe we’re married!” … “it hasn’t sunk in yet!”. So here’s some tips and ideas on how help fill up your wedding day with meaningful moments that will help let the occasion sink in and not just fly by!

  • Start your day with a secret sunrise breakfast. Just the two of you, before your wedding day swings into action.
  • Share gifts and cards with each other as you’re getting ready.
  • Organise a first look to take place before the ceremony.
  • Keep the people that are closest to you near.
  • Unplug your wedding. Let your guests enjoy the ceremony in real life, not through their cellphones and cameras.
  • Share thoughtful vows with each other. You’ll never get such an opportunity again!
  • Make a time capsule, and fill it with letters and wine.
  • Make your speech more than just thank-you’s. Kind words never get old.
  • Claim your first dance and just enjoy the moment.
  • End your wedding in style. Fireworks and sparkler exits never go amiss!

making it look epic in the dark

One of the easiest ways to create an incredible atmosphere at your wedding is at night. This is when the scenery & the setting often diminish in importance, and you can really control how it looks. By investing in as much lighting as possible for your reception, you give us more options to really make incredible imagery.

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Fairy lights – in trees, on walls, everywhere. They make beautiful speckled backgrounds.
  • Paper lanterns
  • Festoon light ropes
  • Uplights (especially outdoors, but also on walls, etc)
  • Tealights & candles
  • Paper bag lanterns on the ground

The more lighting we have to work with at night, the cooler your photos & film will look.

trust us to do our thing

Because we are storytellers – and it’s your story we’re most interested in – the best thing we can do is be observant on the day.

We don’t need big shotlists outlining every single photo you want taken, or all the bits you would like filmed… we’ll definitely capture all the essential things! But most importantly – the more time we spend looking at a list, the less time we’re actually observing and capturing those special moments that were never on the list anyway.

The same goes with massive Pintrest boards – we love seeing what inspires you, but we don’t want to just try recreate a bunch of shots. Rather – we want to craft something totally unique for you that really tells it’s own story.

The more creative freedom you’re happy to give us – the better the result we’ll give you.

consider an unplugged ceremony

We’re not prima-donnas or divas – and we really don’t care if there are other people with cameras at your wedding. We’re completely professional and we can (and have!) work around all sorts of guest-created-obstacles.

That being said – there are some great reasons for having an ‘unplugged’ ceremony, where guests are asked to put their cameras & phones away.

  • It lets them experience the moment. Rather than trying to work out why their photo is blurry, your guests are actually present & enjoying the ceremony.
  • People look more connected in our photos & film – in the shots of you walking up the aisle, you’ll see your guests faces smiling back towards you, rather than a wall of phones.
  • There is less chance that Uncle Bob decides to step out into the aisle, or walk right behind your ceremony, at that perfect moment. Like we said above – we’ll roll with whatever is thrown our way, but reducing the likelihood = better results.
  • It’s more reassuring for you when you look back towards the crowd to see everyone engaged & connected.
  • There is plenty of time for them through the rest of the day, and all evening, to take their own photos.

don’t sweat the small stuff

Things will never go 100% to plan. Maybe it rains. Or the flowers you specially ordered aren’t the right shade of pink. Or the centre pieces don’t match the table runners.

The absolute best thing you can do is laugh it off, and continue having the best day of your life. If it’s raining – we’ll shoot some epic rain shots. If the DJ’s audio system breaks down mid ceremony, people can just move closer. If the wedding car breaks down, and you arrive in a taxi, it will be an amazing story to tell your grandkids – and we’ll be there to capture it all.

It’s all down to your reaction – so go with the flow, and enjoy the day, no matter what.