Engagement and Proposal

Engagement Photo Shoot

An engagement shoot is a chance to celebrate yourselves as a couple. There’s no wedding day pressures to think about, it’s just the two of you (well, and us). Our goal is to capture you in a relaxed and informal style – so you can just be yourselves.
The other cool things about engagement photos shoots are;

We get the chance to know each other better, and you get to experience the feeling of being in front of the cameras (it really isn’t scary, we promise!). So by the time the wedding day arrives – you’re thinking “I’ve done this before, simple!”)

You get the chance to shoot in a totally different environment from your wedding day (for instance, if you’re having an urban / central wedding – we can do a beachy engagement shoot). Without the wedding day schedule, we can pick the light perfectly, and take it at your own pace.

An engagement session for couple who have booked their wedding with us (or are planning to) costs $800, and includes the shoot, plus edited high resolution digital files.

Proposal Films / Photos

Memories fade, photos and film’s don’t!

Unless you’re a really clued up guy (or girl!) – it’s probably already too late to be reading this.

You’re thinking – “Damn – that would have been so cool, I wish I had thought of it!”.

Yes – it is so cool. Tell your non-engaged friends! – go, do it!

For those who AREN’T yet engaged – give some thought to how amazing it would be if you could capture that moment when you pop the question. Your nerves. Her reaction. The brownie points you’ll get for making it epic!

Obviously, having cameras around you needs some kind of explanation. We’ll work in conjunction with you to find ways to justify the presence of cameras, so that you can make it a complete surprise. For example – in the film of Mat & Kylie above (if you haven’t watched that yet – stop reading right hereā€¦ we’ll see you in 8 minutes) – we advertised a competition for a couple to have a free video / photo shoot where we would test out some new techniques. Funnily enough, Kylie & Mat were the ‘winners’.

Get in touch with us if you’d like to chat about ways to have your proposal captured, and have something you can show your friends and family, not just tell them about it! – we’d love to help you!