Why you need a Queensberry wedding album

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At this point Amber and Isaac have a story to tell (and a wee bit of a confession).

We never really used to “get” wedding albums. We have a beautiful Queensberry album from our own wedding, that for the first couple of years of our married life, we looked at it almost as often as we did our photos on the computer. It is beautiful, and we love it, but it was never much more than that, until we saw some of our grandparent’s wedding photos. And then it clicked.

Our wedding album is bigger than just us. It is what our kids, and our grandkids, and our great grandkids are going to remember us by. It’s a piece of our family history, that is only going to get more valuable as the years pass.

We used to have albums as part of every wedding package.
And the question we were most frequently asked was “How much is it, without the album?”
So we’re giving you what you want.

All our photo packages include our coverage on the day, and high resolution digital images that you can make your own prints from. You can make your own DIY photo books, too.

But we want to make you an heirloom.
So we exclusively offer Queensberry wedding albums. They’re widely regarded as the best wedding albums in the world. They’re built to last, and they look amazing.

Pop into our studio for a coffee – because we have some beautiful sample albums that we’d love to show you, and let you drool over*.

We also have a range of art prints on the wall that we print in-house, and can frame for you.

*actual drooling not permitted. The albums are tough, but not that tough.