12th Jan – How to ensure you get great wedding photos!

Ever wondered what you can do to help ensure you get amazing photos? An obvious first step is to choose a photographer you’re comfortable with!

We’ve also compiled a list of what we view as important aspects of wedding photography. Some relate to planning the schedule of your wedding day, and others are things you can keep in mind on the day itself.

So without further ado…

Step #1: Be on time.

One of the biggest stress factors we see on a wedding day is when things run late. The most common cause for things running late is the “fashionably late” arrival of the bride at the ceremony. Always budget this into your time frame.
Make sure you ask your hairdresser and make up artist how long they expect it will take and give them extra time to work their magic.
The two times in your day which are set in concrete are your ceremony and the meal at your reception. The time in between this is your photo time. Anything that runs late is going to have a direct effect on the time you can spend on your photos, and consequently the number and variety of images we are able to deliver.

Step #2: Give us time.
There are certain stages of your day where we can produce some stunning photos, however we need the time to take them. We recommend budgeting at least 30 mins between the time you are all dressed and ready to go and when you actually need to leave. If you give us the chance, this is what we can achieve at this stage of the day:

The other big part of your day in photographic terms is the bridal party “photoshoot”. To get a wide variety of images we recommend 2 hours, not including any travel time between locations. We know from our own wedding that there is often pressure from family to shorten this time, as your guests will be waiting. Just remember, this your one chance to get some stunning wedding photos, and ultimately what you will have to remember your wedding day for the rest of your life!

In ten years time, no one will remember the schedule of your day, but they will be able to look at your album and say “Wow, what amazing photos!”

Step #3: Delegate.
Take advantage of all the people who are willing to help on your day (and that will be pretty much everyone!). If you have small children involved with the wedding, have someone who isn’t in the immediate bridal party organised to keep an eye on them. Don’t try and take it all on yourself, have other people who know what is going on, so when your big day arrives you can sit back and enjoy it!

Step #4: Don’t worry if it rains.
Some of our all time favourite photos have been from rainy, grey days. It softens the light and makes for dramatic and moody skies. As much as we may try, there is nothing you can do to control the weather so you may as well make the most of it and think “at least we will get stunning photos!”

Step #5: Be relaxed.
If you have got the first 4 points sorted, you will find it much easier to relax. This will shine through in the photos and ensures that you look natural and at ease. Don’t feel that you need to look at the camera or force a smile. Our most common direction during the photos will be to look at each other and take the time to reflect on your day so far. We guarantee that you won’t be able to help but smile.

We have left the best for last. If you only remember one point from this whole list, make it this one. The more adventurous you are, the more likely it is that we will be able to create some fantastic images that will wow your family and friends. Climb a fence, walk on the beach, lie in a field, or even stand out on the rocks in the middle of a storm! You may get a little soggy, the bottom of your dress may get a little dirty, but dresses clean, people dry, and your photos will last forever!