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Perspectives Photo + Cinema is now offering two different styles of wedding films for our couples. This page explains the difference between the cinematic, storytelling films we’ve always produced, and our new offering which is simpler documentary styled wedding videos.


the cinematic, storytelling approach.

Below is Matthew and Katherine’s original wedding film which was shot and edited using our cinematic, storytelling approach. Our focus is on capturing who the couple are, what’s important and unique to them and crafting a story to encapsulate their whole experience as they get married.

The film is often edited in a non-linear fashion which aids in storytelling and keeps the viewers interest throughout the film.

We offer all day coverage with 2 cinematographers to cover both bride and groom preparations and multiple angles during the ceremony, speeches and first dance. These films are the very best of what Perspectives Cinema produces.


the documentary approach.

Below is the same wedding as above, but re-edited with a documentary approach in mind. Our focus is on capturing the important events that happened and editing them together in the order the events happened on the wedding day.

This style of videography is perfect for the more budget conscious couple and those that want a simpler capture of what their wedding day looked like.

The documentary video above captures 9 hours of footage from one videographer. There is also a 6 hour option available.

If you’re interesting in understanding more about the documentary, cinematic and storytelling approaches check out this article here: 3 Ways Your Wedding Videographer Will Shape Your Memories