Perspectives Cinema: Full Ceremony and Speech Coverage

Although we create cinematic short films for our couples, we also capture the entire ceremony and speeches. Even though they are a minute by minute documentation of the event that occurred, we put as much time and effort into them as we do our storytelling short films.



We operate 4 cameras between the two of us. (Two unmanned). This keeps the ceremony and speeches edits dynamic and captures reactions from your guests. We use long zoom lenses. This allows us to zoom in for close ups from a distance. Not be an awkward eyesore standing in front of your guests or the photographers shot.

ceremony multi cam



We provide our own sound that does not interfere with the house system in anyway. We have both white and black lav mics to match clothing and be as desecrate as possible. We are also prepared for very windy days.

We’ll mike the Celebrant, Groom, Bride if necessary, Guest reading, Guest musical performance, Bagpipes, you name it, if we can, we’ll put a mic on it!

speeches multicam



We light the speeches.  This is needed as wedding venues often have poor lighting with speakers left standing in the dark.  Our lights have special lenses in them to spot light the speaker but not kill the ambiance of the room.  We light the first dance in the same way.

Below is a full ceremony edit. We also have some samples of how entertaining speeches can be to watch when lit properly and filmed with 4 cameras.


Full Ceremony:


The Benefits of 4 Cameras during Speeches:


Samples of Speeches:


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