Mike & Shelley’s Vilagrad wedding photos – sneak peek

Hi guys,

On Friday, we headed out to Vilagrad winery to photograph Mike & Shelley’s gorgeous wedding. I love Vilagrad, it’s one of my favourite Hamilton venues to shoot at – and this time was no exception!

Shelley was worried that their daughter (and flowergirl) of 3 years age would be camera shy… no chance! In fact, she got so upset when we tried to do some shots with just Shelley & bridesmaids that we assigned Holly as her personal photographer, and they went & played on the swing!

After their ceremony, we headed down to the vineyard for some shots with the bridal party, and then finished up in the cellar – where we love to get our lighting out & really play with different ideas & looks.

We had some ideas for a few shots in the vineyard, but they really needed the late afternoon / sunset light to work best – so we suggested that we stay around & sneak out for a few shots after their meal – and it was definitely worth the wait! The lovely golden light is just so good to work with, and hits the vines perfectly :)

It was an awesome day – enjoy this little peek at how the photos are looking!

Isaac & Amber

Just had to share…

Something that made our day.

We were heading out for our routine coffee @ Grey St Kitchen cafe (best cafe ever by the way) when we saw a courier bag had been delivered.

In it, was a little green booklet – from David & Lara, who are getting married soon & we have the pleasure of photographing their day :)

Anyway – like many of our couples, David & Lara had booked us in without meeting us, as we shoot all over the place, and often it isn’t convenient to meet up prior to booking.

They decided to make a gorgeous, handmade booklet introducing themselves, with a bit about them, what their wedding means to them, and introducing the important people on the day. There were also some ideas for photo locations, along with some pictures, maps of how to get there, and more.

Lara mentioned that they wanted to do something a little different, to stand out a bit from the multiple emails we must be getting at this time of year… and it certainly was, so much so that I just had to share!

Isn’t that just the coolest. Go you guys :)

Here’s pics.

Chris & Dairne’s Southwell wedding photos – sneak peek!

Hi guys,

Today we had the pleasure of photographing Chris & Dairne’s wedding at Southwell School in Hamilton.

We began the day with the boys’ getting ready shots – and at the same time got some cool photos of their little puppy, Wally, having a wash – soggy dog = cute!

Then it was off to Dairne’s place, where we played around with some moody lighting to get some gorgeous bridal portraits.

Their ceremony, officiated by Brian Carey (whose daughter’s wedding we photographed a while back) was beautiful – some lovely readings, and very intimate – plus a stunning setting & great light!

The ceremony began with flowergirl Kathryn ringing the bells – I love the shot of her swinging on the rope!

Afterwards, we got some great shots with Wally the dog – and then some beautiful photos around the Southwell grounds with them and the bridal party. There is a Kahikatea grove, which had perfect light for some nice intimate shots, and we finished up around the chapel itself.

It was a fantastic wedding – congratulations to you both :)

Enjoy this little sneak peek!

Isaac & Amber

Brett & Shanna’s Sarnia Park wedding photos – sneak peek!

Hi guys,

Today we headed out to the ever-amazing Sarnia Park in Cambridge, to photograph Brett & Shanna’s wedding.

The day kicked off at Belle-zza salon, where we caught up with two of our past brides (& hairdressers) Tracey & Kylie.
Also the fab Rachel from Ruby Rouge makeup, who always does a fantastic job!

We then headed off for a few shots with the guys, who were dutifully dressed & waiting – well done!!

When we arrived at Sarnia Park, Shanna was already dressed & ready to go – so we went and had fun with some cool bridal portraits before the ceremony.

The rain held off all day, even though it threatened – and the ceremony was able to take place outdoors on the Cherry Blossom lawn, beautifully officiated by Denise Irvine.

During the bridal party shots I felt like getting a bit experimental – climbing up ladders, playing around with flash & lighting ideas to make some really “epic” skies – we had a ball!

Enjoy the little sneak peek of photos – we enjoyed taking them!

Isaac & Amber

Meg & Andy’s Redwoods, Rotorua wedding photos – sneak peek!

Hi guys,

Early Saturday morning, we made our way down to Rotorua – to photograph Meg & Andy’s wedding. These guys are great friends, and a beautiful couple – we were pleased to have them as guests at our own wedding 3 years ago, and stoked that we could capture their wedding day for them.

Amber’s Mum (Peta Hardley, best celebrant ever) made the trip down from Auckland to officiate the wedding, so it was a family affair all around!

We began the day with some shots of the boys – and then headed off to the girls for some getting ready shots there.

Their ceremony took place in the amazing Redwoods forest – gorgeous light & all the trees made for some great shots. Afterwards, during the group & family shots, we even managed to get a photo of ourselves with Meg & Andy – courtesy of an obliging guest (I couldn’t help taking a shot of her holding the big camera though!).

We played around in the woods a little at the beginning of the bridal party photos, and then raced off to Blue Lake, where the rain came down well & truly. Luckily, we had brought the umbrellas along, so everyone managed to stay fairly dry – and rain always makes for amazing photos!

Then it was off to Aorangi Peak for their reception, which has the most amazing views… when it’s not raining. Unfortuantely, it was indeed raining, and we could only see the clouds when we arrived – but they lifted during the course of the evening for a great display of the city lights.

It was an awesome wedding, and you guys are such a fantastic couple. We had so much fun spending the wedding day with you both, and look forward to catching up again soon!

Isaac & Amber :)

Grant & Marisa’s Sorrento wedding photos – sneak peek!

Hi guys,

On Friday we headed up to Auckland to photograph Grant & Marisa’s wedding – which took place at Sorrento in Cornwall Park.

It was a stunningly blue day – we began with some shots of the boys, and then headed off to Eden Villa, which was where Marisa was getting ready.
(Side note – if you ever need a place in Auckland to hire, this is it – gorgeous!)

Grant arrived a while later, and we got some fantastic “first look” shots – after which we headed down to St Heliers for some photos with the bridal party.
We shot these in record time, as we decided it was best to keep everyone out of the midday sun as much as possible, so headed over to Cornwall Park – where trees & shade awaited us.

After some photos here, it was time for their ceremony at Sorrento – which brought on a few tears, and was a lovely celebration.

We raced up to the summit afterwards with just the two of them, as some fantastic clouds had rolled in (as Marisa discovered, we love clouds!!) and got some great dramatic shots there.

On our way back to Hamilton that evening, we witnessed the most amazing sunset – I don’t know if you guys could see it at the wedding or not, so the last 2 pics on this blog post are what the heavens had to say about your wedding :) (and duly photographed at 100kms / hour!)



Kelly & Liam’s Pauanui wedding photos – sneak peek!

Hi guys,

On Saturday, we headed up to Pauanui beach on the Coromandel to photograph Kelly & Liam’s wedding.

It was a perfect blue day – just the right balance of summer warmth and fresh sea breeze!

We began the day with some getting ready shots at the resort they were staying at – and then headed down to the beach for the ceremony.

Afterwards, we went off for some photos with the bridal party, trying to find what shade we could to keep out of the blinding sun (and when we couldn’t get enough shade, I ended up holding a huge reflector over Kelly & Liam’s heads, while Holly & Amber shot away – I get all the fun jobs!!)

It was a fantastic, beachy, summery wedding – the epitome of a summer’s day in Aotearoa – which was quite fitting, as many of Kelly’s friends and family had traveled over from the US, so it was a welcome respite from the cold New Jersey winter!

Enjoy this little sneak peek of photos :)


Ainsley & Allanah’s Hamilton Gardens & Ferrybank wedding photos – sneak peek!

Hi guys,

Today we photographed Ainsley & Allanah’s wedding, with their ceremony at St Mary’s Cathedral – followed by photos around the Hamilton Gardens, and finishing up at the Ferrybank restaurant.

We had a great mixture of cloudy skies, and enough sun to keep things nice and warm – just right!
Once we arrived back at the Ferrybank after photos around the gardens, we saw the most fantastic afternoon light out front, so managed to sneak another 10 minutes of shooting in with just Allanah & Ainsley – some of my fav shots from the day, so well worth it!

Allanah’s veil was perfect for floating in the breeze – I love big, dramatic veils!

We were also stoked to have the lovely Holly back with us, after spending the last 5 months gallivanting around the US and Europe, she’s back with a vengeance (and a camera) and got right back into the swing of things today with some gorgeous shots.

It was a fantastic wedding – enjoy this little sneak peek of photos :)


Craig & Kiri’s Parnell Auckland wedding photos – sneak peek!

Hi guys,

Yesterday we headed to the Parnell Rose Gardens to photograph Craig & Kiri’s wedding.

We had perfect light pretty much the whole day – with some lovely clouds making things just the way we like em!

We also had the pleasure of working with Amber’s mum Peta Hardley – definitely the coolest celebrant in all of Auckland (and the world) – check out her site here :)

After the ceremony, we did a few photos around the beautiful gardens – there were some awesome Pohutakawa trees with low-slung branches just begging to have a bridal party arranged on them!
Then we headed along to the waterfront, to make use of those epic clouds and perfect afternoon light.

This time (and from now on) you’ll notice we’ve also labeled the author of each photo (either Amber or Isaac) so you get a better idea of who is shooting what!

Enjoy this little sneak peek of the day!

Isaac & Amber.

David & Elyse’s Mills Reef Tauranga wedding photos – sneak peek!

Hey guys,

Yesterday, we headed over to Tauranga to photograph David & Elyse’s wedding.

When we left in the morning, it was pouring down with rain – as it was when we arrived at the salon a few hours later. As you can see though, the skies cleared perfectly, and the stunning blue skies set off the photos beautifully!

After their ceremony at the Bethlehem Baptist church, we headed off to the beach for some shots – the wind was blowing a gale, sandblasting our feet! Then it was off to a cool graffiti wall – where we encountered a train (and the bridal party made a “train” as well – awesome!!!

We finished up the day with some shots at Mills Reef, where they had their reception.

Enjoy this little sneak peek of the photos!

Isaac & Amber