30th August – Daffodil Day

Last Friday (28th August) was, as I’m sure you all know, Daffodil Day.

I had the chance to participate in a really cool project, being organized by NZIPP photographer Chris Hillock.

Basically, it’s an initiative between the NZIPP & the National Bank to produce a book on “A Day in The Life of Daffodil Day” – to celebrate 20 years of Daffodil Day and what it has done to support cancer research, and those with cancer.

Sales from the book will be going back into the Cancer Society.

The focus will be on people’s experiences with Daffodil Day – ranging from volunteers & collectors, through to people that have been affected by cancer in their lives.

Each person’s story in the book will be accompanied by imagery from a NZIPP photographer – so there were photogs all across the country teaming up with people on the day to record these people’s stories.

I can’t blog the images, but I can tell you we had a great time, and got some really cool shots!

Once the book is released, I’ll pop another post up here detailing where you can buy it from, so you guys can all get out there & keep supporting the Cancer Society – and at the same time get a really cool book, filled with tons of images from wonderful photographers across NZ.


A few more of Kevin & Sara’s wedding photos – 18th August

Hey guys,

Here’s a few more of Kevin & Sara’s photos from their wedding a few weeks ago.

The online gallery is also up now on the “recent” page of the site – go check it out!

Next step is off to the NZIPP conference in Wellington, which is taking place this week / weekend – should be awesome!! Gotta love the chance to catch up with colleagues, listen to some great speakers, see some beautiful prints in the Iris Awards print judging, and drink far too much…. coffee.

Keep an eye on the Facebook page – will get a few status updates out from down there :)

Enjoy the shots – and will be back soon with updates from conference!


13th August – Pahoia School DVD shoot

How cool is Pahoia school???

Firstly, the fantastic teacher Mr. E. organized the Pahoia United rock band, which we’ve done two shoots for over the last year or two, they can be found if you delve back into the blog archives….

(as an afterthought – who wants to delve when you can just click links – here you go… First shoot …. and Second Shoot)

This time, instead of doing an end of year production, the school has decided to make a film – in the epic style of Lord of the Rings.

Now, as you know from the rock band, Pahoia isn’t the kind of school to do things by halves – and this is no exception! I’m really looking forward to seeing what the film looks like!

So on Wednesday, I went over for a shoot – getting some nice full length images of the main characters, which will be printed as life-size cardboard cutouts for the film’s premiere in Term 4 – just like the real movie premieres!

Also, we took some more head / shoulders type shots, which we’ll make up as a montage type thing to use as promo posters / DVD cover.

The school has even made their own green screen room for the film – so I shot in there (first time on green screen for me – was a cool experience!) to make it easy to cut the figures out so that I can overlay them onto another background.

Here’s a little peek at some shots – apart from cropping out the bits of softboxes / reflectors sticking into the frame, these are all just straight out of camera – so still need a bit of Photoshop tweaking. But you get the idea, anyway!

Here’s the stone which the film is centered around – on the cover it’ll be really glowing and shining light back towards her…

And here’s the evil king….

Fierce swordsmen…

And finally, a barbarian horde (it’s hard to fit a horde into a little green screen room, let alone have them charging, so this one was shot outdoors!)

Cool aye!! This is just the beginning – I’m about to get stuck into the artwork soon – so will keep things updated.


Hamilton Portrait Photography extravaganza – Part 2!

Hi guys,

This has been a while coming (it’s proving to be a busy week!) – but they’re worth the wait!

So without further ado – here’s shots from the Sunday sessions.

We kicked off the day with Nikki & Luke – who did some individual & couples portraits…

Then we met up with Steve and his gorgeous daughters…

After which we caught up with Lisa & Loto (who’s wedding we’ll be photographing later this year) and their son Reegan…

We then rushed off to catch Jono & David – we shot Jono’s wedding (and Holly’s) a while ago, and this time he was in a suit again!! …

Then it was off to see Hayley & Darin for some couple’s portraits…

And finally, we finished up the day with Nyssa & James – pretty much all their shots were taken after dark, so it was a great chance to get the flashes out & play around with the light…

And there you have it!!

Many, many photos + many people + very little downtime + no rain + smiles + happy = a fantastic weekend and some beautiful shots!

Thanks again to everyone that came along to work with us – we had a great time, and hope ya’ll did too :)


Hamilton portrait photography extravaganza – part one!

Hey guys,

As you know, we’re doing our portrait marathon this weekend… and today was the first day of shooting.

We got some fantastic shots, and worked with some awesome families & models to do so – thanks to everyone that gave up their time to come down and pose up a storm!

Here’s a sneak peek of how the shots are looking… only a couple from each, coz it’s late & I need to get some sleep so I can get up and do this over again tomorrow!!

We began the day with an individual session with the lovely Alex…

Followed by Liz, Paul, and their children…

Then caught up with Niki & Dave for some portraits….

And a family portrait with Hayden, Jess, and little Eliot…

It was then home for a quick lunch break, and then off to shoot trash the dress shots with Rach & Fraser… (love the late afternoon light here)….

And then we finished up with some night-time bridal portraits with the gorgeous Kerryn….

Awesome huh!

We’ll keep updating the images on the blog (and on Facebook) as I edit them… and tomorrow we’re off to shoot a whole lot more, so check back soon to see how that goes!


Family Portrait – Simon, Tracey, & Linkin – 2nd August

Hi guys,

This morning we caught up with Simon & Tracey (who’s wedding we photographed a while back) and their adorable young man, for some family photos.

It took Linkin a while to get into the swing of things, and for the smiles to come out, but we got there in the end!!

Apparently, over the last few days he has started sticking his tongue out – which we saw heaps of today! I love the shot where he’s totally intent on getting his hands on the camera lens – so cute!

Enjoy the shots!

Isaac & Amber.

Sara & Kevin’s wedding photos – Sneak Peek! – 2nd August

Hi guys,

Today (well, technically yesterday – as it has now hit 3.30am!) we had the pleasure of photographing Sara & Kevin’s wedding at ‘St. Mary on the Hill’ in Pokeno.

The grey skies that had been gathering over the last few days decided that today was the day for rain – but Sara & Kevin didn’t let it phase them in the slightest… and neither did we!!

I love this shot of Kevin on the deck, checking the weather…

Sara looking gorgeous!

Then it was off to the church for the ceremony….

And afterwards, we ducked back inside for a few more shots – as it was so beautiful inside! I love the second one here, which Amber was lighting while I shot.

Then we headed off with the bridal party for some photos… starting off on the road outside Sara’s parents house. The mist in the background looks great – really adding to the atmosphere of the images…

It was then time to exchange heels for gumboots – and a trek through the paddock to some cool old sheds out the back (you all know we love old sheds!).

Since the rain & overcast cloud made the daylight quite ‘flat’ – it was the perfect time to get our lights out and really have a play with lighting – which resulted in some gorgeous images!

The first one here is a “natural light” shot that Amber took while I was getting the light set up, and then followed by the “lit” version. Both are gorgeous, and both so different too!

Possibly the wind caught Sara’s veil here…. or possibly it was conveniently flicked up by a groomsman…

The next two shots were against a cool grid of steel mesh up against a shed wall – the second one is shooting back through the mesh from the other side, I really like both.

The last three images here were shot in basically total darkness – the bridal party under the neat pepper tree in the paddock…

And then some against one final shed wall – for these ones I also put a flash inside the building, so it shone out through the window & made things a bit more interesting…

There you have it – you can do so much on a gloomy, rainy day – if you have such a fantastic couple & bridal party to work with!

Enjoy the photos, and have a great honeymoon guys!

Isaac & Amber.