Update – mostly gone!

Hey guys,

Well, over less than a 24 hour period we’ve filled up many of our available slots for the 8th / 9th August – at the moment we’re looking at shooting non-stop from 10am > 7pm each day, with around 20 couples / families / individuals involved.

Good times!!

There are still a few limited spots available though…

We still need a few more people willing to do the “corporate” look – drag that shirt & tie out and come get some fun shots! Women especially – update your business card now!

Also – a few more individuals – particularly anyone between 17 – 24 years old for some fun “fashiony” style portraits.

Could also squeeze one more “Trash the Dress” in as well – if you’re free earlyish on Sunday morning – remember, we do have a size 8-10 and a size 12 dress too – so you don’t even need to be married, just keen to get some cool shots in a wedding dress!

Couples & families are all booked out now, unfortunately – had to be in quick!

Do keep an eye out on the blog / facebook page though, as we’re looking to do a repeat performance in Auckland within the next month – so you might be able to catch us up there!

So – corporate types & individuals – send us through an email now to book in a spot!


Casting call…. The Instant Wedding Photography “Grab a Seat”

Hey guys,

As you may have seen on our Facebook fan page, we’ve got some exciting new developments in the pipeline – totally rebranding the Instant Wedding Photography site and also launching another 2 new sites along with it for other areas of photography.

To help us get ready for this, we’re looking for a whole heap of people that might be keen on getting some free photos.

As this stage, we’re looking for…


Couples (for “engagement” style portraits)

Single guys / girls for some modelly / fashiony portraits

Trash the Dress – either your own wedding dress, or if you’re a size 8-10 we have a dress that will fit, and we also have another wedding dress that’s a size 12 – so you can get someone else’s dress mucky! Of course, also anyone that wants “TTD style” shots but doesn’t want to get their dress dirty is also 100% welcome

Executive style portraits – if you have a shirt & tie / a business suit, we want you! These will mostly be “head & shoulders” type shots

Pretty much anything else you can suggest!

We’ll be looking to hold a “photo marathon” on the weekend of 8th / 9th of August, (rain or shine) in Hamilton – so if you’re interested, let us know & we can sort out a time that works.

It’ll basically work as… you let us know you’re keen, we’ll give you a time & location for the day… you turn up, get some photos done, and then that’s it.

We’ll aim to structure it so there’s no overlap time, so no waiting around, just arrive & get straight in there.

We’d probably need somewhere between 30 and 60 mins with each couple / individual / family / wedding couple.

We’ll give you a disc of images in return for you agreeing to come & model for us, and obviously as this is to help build our portfolio, you’d need to be happy with us using a few of the shots on the site / brochures, etc.

Great – go to our “contact” page and send us an email now! Look forward to hearing from you :)

Isaac & Amber

Just a bit of fun – 19th July

Hi guys,

Today we caught up with a few of our NZIPP colleagues for a fun series of portrait shoots.

There were about 7 photographers all up, and we had a variety of models that we encounter in our day-to-day photography situations.

The plan was that we’d each share a little bit about an aspect of our shooting – whether it was posing, lighting, ways we interact with models, you name it.

It was such a fun & beneficial experience – there are some very talented photogs out there!

The day began with some young’uns – some great classic portraiture & lighting demonstrations by the very experienced (over 50 years in the industry) Bill Lindberg – but in the end I couldn’t resist taking a grungy shot on a nearby wall… this one was a quick grab shot lit by Amber (holding a flash up off to camera left).

We then headed off to pick up our models – a wedding couple (or at least people posing to be a wedding couple), Holly our assistant, and also David & Sonya – who’s wedding we shot a while ago now (and went on to become the 2008 Wedding of the Year on weddings.co.nz).

They had all been beautifully made-up by Holly’s friend Morgan – who isn’t a makeup artist but should be!

We headed out to a funky car graveyard….

And then back into the university, where we witnessed a very cool lighting demonstration!

Finally, it was off to catch up with David & Sonya – it was also my turn for a demonstration – so we played with a bit of off-camera flash, and some video light – getting the sky to go a nice electric blue from the difference in light colours.

By this stage everyone was pretty much ready to call it a day – after nearly 5 hours of shooting, so we farewelled the crew – and then took David & Sonya across the street, where Sonya had spied a bright red wall she liked the look of. Holly came along too – putting on her photographer’s hat for the first time of the day.

By this stage, it was completely pitch black, so we had to play with the lighting setup to ensure we had some light catching the red wall, and then a nice light to really make David & Sonya “pop” out of the image.

Here’s a selection of what we ended up with….

It was a really fantastic day – thanks so very much to our models for giving up their time to come along & pose for us in the blistering cold wind, and also to Morgan for her awesome work with the makeup.

Good times!


Trash the Dress shoot with Holly

This afternoon, we went out and revisited the spot where we shot Paul & Michelle’s Trash the Dress images, with our assistant Holly kindly agreeing to model for us – being on the other side of the camera for a change!

We also had the lovely Nicola Inglis along – fellow NZIPP member, and owner of Nicola Inglis Photography,
so be sure to check out her blog for the images she took as well!!

My main goal with this session was to play with a fancy new softbox I bought 2 days ago, and also to experiment with some more complex lighting setups (rather than fumble around with stuff we’ve never tried while shooting clients, we just waste the time of our friends & colleagues!!!)

So we picked up a $60 wedding dress off Trade Me, packed Nicola’s car full of our ridiculous amounts of gear (it couldn’t all fit into our car!) and headed off.

I’ve split the shots today into mine, and Amber’s ones – as it’s quite interesting to see what each of us was shooting – and I was stoked to see Amber setting up some of her own crazy lighting arrangements & pulling off some amazing images! Her photography has come a really long way.

Also a new look to the blog images as of today – I wanted them to display a bit bigger on the screen, and while a website upgrade is in the planning stages, a good quick fix was just to lose the black boxes around the images.

Anyway – without further ado – here’s the (stunning) Holly in a wedding dress…

Amber’s images:

Isaac’s images:

Second Shooting – Sharn & Billy’s wedding

Today I had the opportunity to second shoot at Sharn & Billy’s wedding with the fantastically talented Karyn Flett, from Photofever Photography.

It was a really cool experience – rather than being the one who is in charge & bossing people around, I got to step back a bit and just shoot what I saw. It was great to see how another photographer goes about the day, and works through the same setups as me, but from a different perspective – and I now have a few cool poses filed away in my little brain for a rainy day :)

It was super fun – and Sharn & Billy were such a laid back, relaxed couple – add to this some perfect late afternoon light & an amazing location (the hills above Hobbiton in Matamata) and you’re guaranteed some cool shots!

So – here we go – a few pics from the wedding in the Shire. Be sure to check Karyn’s blog soon for the really cool ones :)


Trash the dress – Paul & Michelle – 5th July

Hi guys,

On Saturday morning we awoke at the rather ungodly hour of 4.30am – crawled out of bed, threw our gear into the car, and by 5am we were on the road, driving through the heavy fog out to Whiritoa beach, on the Coromandel peninsula.

On arrival, we met up with the lovely Michelle & Paul – who’s wedding we photographed back in May. They were out, ready to brave the cold, for hopefully a fantastic dawn photo shoot.

At this point, I must address the fact that the dawn shoot was entirely my idea. At 4.30am, Amber wasn’t quite as enthusiastic – and I’m surprised Michelle & Paul showed the enthusiasm they did, considering they were the ones out there in their wedding gear!

Luckily, it wasn’t too cold, and we struck it lucky with the weather – not only having no rain for the duration of the shoot, but also enough cloud in the sky to provide a fantastic red dawn.

Here’s a few of the shots…

After this, we jumped into the cars & headed down to the Karangahake Gorge, where we had a play with some antiquated gold mining equipment – decaying cyanide tanks, all the usual stuff you play around in on your wedding day….

The old archways of the structure made for some great angles – and the remnants of the morning fog gave things a suitably mysterious feel.

All in all, it was an awesome shoot, and we had so much fun catching up with you guys again, to create some stunning images! Have a look at some of them….

Hope you enjoy them – and we’ll have more up soon :)


Portrait photography – Hamilton, Auckland, and everywhere in between!

Hi guys,

Well, we’ve reached the end of the “wedding season” – and things are nearly all finished up on our end, we still have a few weddings to finish up the editing on, a few albums to finish, but on the whole – things are a little less hectic!

Which is great, because it means we can turn our attentions to things we really enjoy, but haven’t had time for – like portraits!

A portrait shoot is a really fun experience – whether you do it individually, or as a couple, or as a family.

Here’s a quick gallery I made up this afternoon with a selection of our portrait work

If you’ve never had your portraits done before, here’s a little explanation of what to expect.

There are 3 main stages… the planning session, the photo shoot, and the viewing and ordering session.

For your planning session, you pop in to the studio and meet with us, and we can talk about what kind of photos you like, and what you’re aiming to get out of the shoot. Everyone is different, and everyone has their own unique reasons for wanting to get some photos done – so this is a really important step – where we make sure the shoot will be tailored to you personally, rather than recycling the same concept for every shoot we do.

We can also discuss things like locations, times of day for the best light, any particular things you’d like to include – maybe your child’s favourite toy, or your teenaged sons’ skateboard – anything! We work out a good date for the photo shoot, and you pay your session fee (which is only $100).

The next step is the shoot itself. This is when we can really have fun, and experiment a little at the same time – coming up with some great images. Our main goal is to personally interact with you & make you feel really comfortable, as this will shine through in the images.

The shoot usually takes between 1 and 2 hours. Once we’re finished, you head off home to enjoy the rest of the day, and we rush back to upload, back-up, and start editing your images.

The last (and most exciting) step in the process is the viewing & ordering session. Once we’ve edited a selection of images from the shoot, you come back into the studio for the presentation – where you get to see the beautiful artwork we have created. We sit down with you and help you decide which images you’d like to order, and what sizes will best suit the image – along with options such as printing on canvas, framing for prints, or making albums with your images.

You place your order, and once it’s paid for the production process begins – with any finishing retouching being applied to the images, which are then sent off to the lab for printing & finishing.

We then give you a call once the finished images have arrived back to us, and are ready to be picked up!

In a nutshell, that’s it! It’s a really exciting process, and so special to have your own pieces of custom artwork to display in your home – featuring you or your family.

Over the winter, we’ll also schedule in some shooting time in cities outside Hamilton, so if you’re in Auckland, Tauranga, Rotorua, Taupo – or pretty much anywhere else… get in touch and ask us when we’ll next be in your city to shoot!

As a special for our blog readers, we’d love to offer you a half-price session fee – so for $50, you can go through with the process outlined above, and have the chance to create some beautiful images of your own.

Click here to send us an email, and mention that you saw the blog post, and would like to take advantage of the half price session fee.

Looking forward to hearing from you!