29th April – Why we do what we do

It’s now 1.50am and I’m sitting here editing photos.

I just watched a slideshow of images by Amy Deputy – an American photographer who was recently voted in the Top 10 wedding photographers in the world.

I cried.

It’s a documentation of her photographic journey – beginning with the first image she took, and following through up until her most recent work.

Much of the slideshow is dedicated to documenting the illness of her young son & her husband – such amazingly powerful images.

I’d encourage you to watch this. It’s about 10 mins long, so make sure you have the time, and no distractions – just let yourself get absorbed into the images, and the quotes along with them.

This is what inspires me. If my images can ever move people the way that I was moved watching this, I’ll die happy.

Here’s the link


25th April – Rock on

Hey guys,

Today was the first Saturday since sometime in January that we didn’t have a wedding!

We had no idea what to do with ourselves…. so we shot over to Tauranga this morning and caught up with Pahoia United.

These guys are an amazing school rock band, who we also did a shoot for last year (some of you long-time blog stalkers will remember this – for everyone else, here’s the blog link!)

This time we went for a more crisp & clean look, instead of the graffiti walls that we used last time.

It was a great chance to get some shots of the new members (as only 3 of last years band still go to the school!) and catch up with some familiar faces.

A huge shout-out to Mr. E – (in the middle of the 3rd shot) who goes totally above & beyond for these kids, what an awesome teacher.

You can check out the bands website here – www.pahoiaunited.com and have a listen to some of their music or watch some music videos. Very talented!!

Anyway – here’s a few of the shots from today’s shoot – enjoy!


24th April – Something a little different…

So today we went off to photograph a product launch at a big Hamilton company – to shoot the event & the guest speakers… nice & simple.

While we were there, the CEO asked us whether we could get some shots of the factory in action, that they could also use for promo stuff.

We agreed – as this was a bit of an adventure, slightly out of the norm for us, and we were really keen.

Then – I saw what I had to wear. AWESOME!!! I felt like a doctor on Scrubs – getting all dressed up, a rigorous handwashing procedure, and we were allowed on the factory floor.

It was really fun, and we got some very cool & creative images.

So here’s what I looked like for an hour or so this afternoon!


21st April – New office finished!

Hi guys & gals,

Finally – our new office is all done!!

Today we just mounted our nice big 16″ x 24″ prints and got them up on the walls – and also got our new canvasses back, which look stunning!

So it’s now all ready to go!

We have a lovely client meeting space, with some comfy couches & coffee table to sit and flick through sample wedding albums, some nice big prints & canvas work on the walls (the biggest of these is 1.3 metres long, which is a sizey piece indeed!).

Off to the back is our new work space, with each of our desks set up so that both Amber & I can talk to each other while we work, and lean across to see what the other is working on – usually Amber is busy designing albums & I’m editing photos!

So it’s done – perhaps it wasn’t the smartest undertaking right in the middle of wedding season, but it’s finished, and we love it!

So now you can come & meet us here! Stop in for a chat & a coffee – we can’t wait to show it off!

A few pics below of the final look (although they’re really too small to get a good feel for it!)

Ta ta for now :)


20th April – Matthew & Kristi’s wedding – Sneak Preview

Hi all,

On Saturday we headed across to Firth Tower in Matamata to photograph Matthew & Kristi’s wedding.

On the way there, we came across a fantastic grove of trees in Matamata – so made a last-minute adjustment to our plans & went there for a few shots – it was well worth it!

We then headed across to the Te Aroha domain, and were just in time to catch the last rays of sunlight streaming over the town – which yielded some great images!

Enjoy this little preview – and stay tuned for more soon!


20th April – David & Jennifer’s wedding – Sneak Preview!

Hi guys,

On Friday we headed up to Auckland to photograph David & Jennifer’s wedding in Cornwall Park.

Their bridal party was made up of their 4 children – which also meant that their bridal party photos can double as family portraits!

We had a great time doing a whirlwind photo session (30 minutes instead of our standard 2 hours!) amongst the trees of Cornwall Park – and got some beautiful shots.

Enjoy this little peek at what’s to come!


12th April – Stephen & Vicky’s wedding – Sneak Preview!

Hi guys,

On Friday we headed out to Willowglen, near Hamilton, to photograph Stephen & Vicky’s wedding.

Vicky was a friend of mine at school, back in the good old Cambridge High School days – and then went on to study English & teaching with me at Waikato Uni, so it was great to catch up & also see some old school faces!

After their ceremony we headed across to a nearby field with the bridal party & made the most of the remaining afternoon sunshine – I love “post-daylight savings” weddings – such beautiful afternoon light!

We then headed back to Willowglen for a few more shots around the grounds before the reception.

We had a great time – thanks for inviting us along to share in your special day!!
Enjoy this little taster of photos, and stay tuned for more soon.


7th April – Pay it forward – We have a winner!

Hi guys,

First off – thanks to the people that entered our “pay-it-forward” free wedding giveaway – you didn’t make it easy choosing!

But choose we did – and the lucky couple are Bailey & Richard.

Now there’s a twist to this – because Bailey & Richard are actually already married!

Their wedding took place in February up in Northland, at a gorgeous beach.

Unfortunately, their wedding photographer wasn’t able to combine beautiful couple + beautiful day + beautiful setting into beautiful photos, and they were really disappointed with what they received to remember their day.

What they’re keen to do (and what we’re going to do for them, for free) is to get the bridal party back together and reshoot some photos out at Raglan, where they got engaged. Having just spent all their money on a wedding, this isn’t something they’d normally be able to just go out and do!

We read their story (and saw some of their pictures) and really felt for them – and we’re really happy that we are in a position to be able to offer them some beautiful images of their second wedding day!!

So stay tuned in the future for the outcome of the shoot – we’re really looking forward to it!

but wait….

there’s more….


We heard back from Bailey – who was so stoked to have the opportunity to redo her wedding photos! This made us happy and smiley.

So, we decided to get in touch with another couple that entered the initial competition & offer them a runner-up giveaway of either a free engagement session before their wedding, or a free Trash the Dress shoot afterwards.

We heard back from the lovely Michelle & Paul, who said they’d love the opportunity to do a Trash the Dress shoot with us! They have in mind Whiritoa beach on the Coromandel – which is a spot I know well as I regularly surf there – and it will be awesome!!

If you’re reading this wondering what a trash the dress shoot might look like – here’s one we did for Ken & Laura a little while ago..

So now we’ve made two couples happy – and that’s cool! The idea now is that it gets paid forward – so Bailey & Richard and Michelle & Paul will do something nice for someone in their lives…. and so on.

Will post the results of our 2 photo sessions we’re giving away once they’re done, so we can share them with you too!

7th April – William & Margaret’s wedding – Sneak Preview!

On Saturday we headed out to the Heritage Village at Mystery Creek to photograph William & Margaret’s wedding.

Margaret’s Scottish heritage played a role in their wedding – which was really cool, she was welcomed to the church with bagpipes, and we loved being able to incorporate the piper into our photos!

One of my favourites from this little selection is the 2nd photo – this is the two fathers handing the marriage candles across to their children – I find it a really powerful image.

One aspect that William & Margaret wanted to include in their photos was their car – which is something very significant to them both.
I love to push myself creatively when shooting a wedding, and wanted to avoid having them just standing in front of the car! So, in the final shot here, I put my flash at the back of the car, firing it through the rear window. The little splash of light on them really helps draw your eye into the image, which I love!

Enjoy this little taster, and stay tuned for more soon!


1st April – Dan & Angela’s wedding – Sneak Preview!

Hi guys,

On Saturday we headed up to Waikawau Bay at the top of the Coromandel to photograph Dan & Angela’s wedding.

It was a gorgeous day – a little bit of light cloud over the sun, which was perfect for photos! Combine that with a gorgeous setting, a fantastic couple, and you end up with stunning images!

I love the freedom to move around during beach weddings, without being too obtrusive – which means you can get shots like the first one here – looking back towards the guests, with their reflections in the sand. Cool!

After some photos on Waikawau beach, we headed around the corner to Little Bay – and found a fantastic Pohutakawa tree with low slung branches, which was a really cool setting for some shots.

We had a great time – thanks to the bridal party for being such willing models! Enjoy the photos, and there’ll be more on the way soon.