Last few days to enter Pay-It-Forward competition

Hi guys,

It’s the last few days now to get entries in for our FREE wedding photography package that we’re giving away to a deserving couple ( for all the gory details see the original blog post)

Also – remember to check out Karyn’s wedding giveaway at – and also stoked to see that Sarah Mountford from Momentz photography in Auckland is also joining in with a free portrait session – details on her blog

So all you need to do is send through your story (or nominate another deserving couple) through to us at

We’ve been loving the stories – and will be announcing the winning couple some time in the next week!!


27th March – William & Angela’s engagement shoot

Hi guys,

Holly & I headed to Auckland on Wednesday to catch up with William & Angela for some engagement photos.

They are having their wedding back in Hong Kong – but were in NZ for a week and wanted some beautiful shots of themselves prior to their wedding, and we were only too happy to oblige!!

We headed around various spots in Auckland for their session – and finished up at the Auckland Uni campus, where they had both completed engineering degrees a few years ago.

This was a cool & special way to finish off the day – we even managed to get a shot incorporating assignment box #24 – which is where they had to post their assignments, and inside the lecture theatre where many of their classes took place. Cool!!

We had a great time shooting these – enjoy the pictures!


23rd March – Jonathan & Xnena’s wedding – Sneak Preview

On Sunday we traveled up to Auckland to photograph Jonathan & Xnena’s wedding (it’s pronounced as ‘Nina’ – I know you’re wondering) ;)

The stunning blue skies in the morning gave way to some clouds in the afternoon, so it was just right for some stunning shots around North Head and Cheltenham beach!

In the morning, we headed down to the farm near where Jonathan & his groomsman were getting ready – and we had this beautiful open expanse of green meeting the blue of the sky. Now normally, I don’t like jumping shots – and avoid doing them… but I just thought it needed something a bit more dynamic – and voila, the first shot here tells it all!

After their ceremony we went for some photos at the wharf in Devonport, and then around North Head, before finishing up at Cheltenham Beach and their reception at McHughes.

It was a fantastic wedding, with a nice relaxed feel – which we love!!
Enjoy this little sneak peek, and stay tuned for some more shots soon!


23rd March – Robbie & Marie’s wedding – Sneak Preview!

Hi guys,

On Saturday we headed across to Tauranga to photograph Robbie & Marie’s wedding at the Fountain Gardens.

This was a really special place for us – as it’s where Amber & I initially wanted to get married, it’s such a beautiful spot.

In the morning we caught up with the boys for some shots of their preparations, and then had a wander along the beach at Papamoa – there were some amazing clouds (which unfortunately didn’t last very long, but enough to get this first shot here!!)

We had a fantastic time shooting this wedding – their ceremony was one of the most powerful I have witnessed – I think most people were wiping the tears from their eyes at some point.

Enjoy this little peek at what’s to come – and we’ll have more ready soon!!


16th March – Drown the Gown – Ken & Laura

Hey guys,

I’m sure all our blog-stalkers out there will remember the lovely Ken & Laura, who were married in Te Aroha last November.

Today, they dressed back up in their wedding outfits & met up with us for a really fun shoot!

Holly also came along, as she had photographed Ken & Laura’s wedding with us, and we were all excited about the prospects of the afternoon!

I loved this session – it is a wonderful feeling to be able to shoot whatever you like, without the time constraints of having to be back at the reception by a certain time; without needing to stress about guests waiting while you’re away; and without having to worry about keeping the dress quite so pristine!! All together, this adds up to the chance to really relax & enjoy the shoot – and get some stunning images that obviously aren’t possible on the wedding day itself… you’ll see why!!!

We started off with some cool shots at the top of the big waterfall…

We also found a cool little stream, surrounded by native bush. Check out the difference between what your eye actually sees (first shot) and what we can create with a little carefully added light and Amber behind the camera…

We then decided to get their feet a little wet – moving out to a rocky outcrop in the middle of the stream – I love the first shot here, Laura looks like a mermaid poised there on the rock!!

We decided to take things a bit further – Laura was keen to get right into the water, so in she went! Ken followed – making for some awesome shots!

Earlier, I had promised that I wouldn’t ask them to do anything that I wasn’t prepared to do myself… so I was duty bound to get in the water!! (also because it was fun making Amber stress about me having thousands of dollars worth of camera that close to the river!)

It was worth it though – as this is the angle I was able to shoot:

We finished off by the waterfall again – this time right down at the base to get a real sense of the water cascading down the rocks…

There was an awesome angle further down the cliff – but it looked too hard to access, amd we couldn’t be bothered climbing – so we sent Holly down!

Not really – I didn’t even notice the angle – Holly climbed down there on her own initiative and I’m jealous that I didn’t see it!. She also came up with this image:

I love the vintage effect over that one – it really warms it up & makes the shot feel much more comfortable – here’s what it actually looked like in there (me checking that the water wasn’t too deep)

Just as we were calling it a day, Ken said that we should get a shot of them *in* the waterfall… that suited me just fine!! So here it is – one of my favourites from the whole day:

Not to be outdone (and because 3 hours of shooting gets hot!) I decided to jump in too – and of course couldn’t avoid the inevitable photo…

The final images of the day are a soggy Ken & Laura sharing a kiss in front of a stunning backdrop – a fitting end to a really fun afternoon!

Enjoy the photos – because we very much enjoyed taking them!


15th March – Jason & Susi’s wedding – Sneak Preview!

Hey guys!

Yesterday we headed out to Sarnia Park in Cambridge to photograph Jason & Susi’s wedding.

The gorgeous venue lent itself perfectly to a wide range of cool photos – and the clouds over the sun for the majority of the day offered us a beautiful soft light to work with.

After their ceremony we went for a wander around the grounds – beginning with some dancing shots (we couldn’t resist the combination of a huge wood floor + being able to shoot from above!).

We rounded off the bridal party shots with some shots by the lake, and then walking down the tree-lined driveway.

Thanks for being such willing models – we had a great time photographing your day!

Enjoy this little taster of what’s to come, and stay tuned for more photos soon!


9th March – Matthew & Sarém’s Wedding – Sneak Preview!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of photographing Matthew & Sarém’s wedding out at Woodlands.

Sarém had booked the upstairs rooms as her “getting ready” location – which was great, as it meant we got to shoot the preparations shots in a beautiful historic house, and also it meant we didn’t need to then rush down to the venue – as we were already there!

I love the 2nd shot here – it is a traditional Cambodian ceremony where people tie a string around the wrist of the bride & groom to wish them well for the future – which they incorporated within their wedding ceremony. Very cool!!

We then went for a wander around the grounds at Woodlands – and of course got some fab shots!

Enjoy this little sneak peek – and we’ll have more photos on the way soon.


9th March – James & Terianne’s wedding – Sneak Preview!

On Saturday we photographed James & Terianne’s wedding at Vilagrad Winery, near Hamilton.

We had such a great time – they were both so happy, and that just shines through in the photos – and made them a pleasure to work with!

Luckily the rain held off – and by the afternoon we had gorgeous blue skies & warm sunshine.

After their ceremony, we headed down to the railway crossing for some shots with the bridal party, and then finished up in the cellar room at Vilagrad with some beautiful, intimate shots with just the two of them.

Enjoy this little taste of what’s to come – and we’ll have some more shots up soon!


6th March – That’s how we roll

OK – just had to post this up… when we shot Pele & Natalie’s wedding at the Lakes Resort in Pauanui, we got to drive around in…

Golf carts!!

So from now on – if you want to book your photography with us… you need to provide us our own golf cart to drive between each location…. no really, you do….

Anyway – back to the real world (as Amber assures me that demanding golf carts isn’t going to work)… here are a few of the shots from around the Lakes Resort… look at the gorgeous light we had to work with!

Online gallery should be up this afternoon on the “recent” page, so stop in for a look!


5th March – Mark & Angela’s wedding – Sneak Preview!

Today Alysse & I headed up to Cassells in Auckland to photograph Mark & Angela’s wedding.

Back in Hamilton, the weather was overcast – and we were excited about going to shoot down at Bethells Beach after the ceremony.

By the time we arrived at Ange’s parents place on the North Shore for the getting ready shots, it was looking a little more ominous, but still hadn’t rained.

As we drove out West for the ceremony, it began raining… and raining… and didn’t stop!!

So we scrapped the beach and instead went down to the Swanson train station – which was really fun!! It had the benefit of being undercover – and there were about 5 trains go past while we were there – what more could you want!!

So here are a few of the shots – enjoy this little taste of what’s to come!