27th Feb – Grant & Judy’s wedding – Sneak Preview!

Today Alysse & I photographed Grant & Judy’s wedding at Taupiri.

As the wedding took place on their farm, we based the photo shoot around this aspect – including some really cool shots in the milking shed – so much fun! It’s the first time we’ve ever shot in a milking shed, and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunities presented by so many angles & lines within the building.

The rain threatened, but held off all day – providing us with a lovely dramatic sky that looks great in the photos!

Enjoy this little glimpse of what’s to come – and we’ll have some more up soon.


26th Feb – Mike & Joanne’s wedding – Sneak Preview!

Today Alysse & I headed back up to Auckland to photograph Mike & Joanne’s wedding, out at the beautiful Castaways near Waiuku.

The low, overcast cloud really made for great photography conditions – providing us with a lovely soft light to work with!

We had a great time, and have some amazing shots – here’s a little glimpse of what is in store!



25th Feb – Chris & Natalie’s wedding – Sneak Preview!

Hi guys,

On Monday, Alysse & I headed up to Auckland to photograph Chris & Natalie’s wedding, held out at Castaways in Waiuku.

The venue was lovely – situated on a clifftop overlooking the wild west coast. After their ceremony, we headed down to the beach for a few shots with the bridal party.

The striking blue skies really compliment the images – I love how vivid the colours in the last one are!

Enjoy this little taster, and stay tuned for more images soon!


25th Feb – Luke & Kylie’s wedding – Sneak Preview!

Hi guys,

On Sunday Amber, Holly, and myself headed out to Woodlands to photograph Luke & Kylie’s wedding.

It was a gorgeous day, sunny but not too hot – just right! Hopefully still cool enough to be a welcome change for Luke’s two groomsmen – who had come across from Australia for the occasion!

After their lovely, intimate, ceremony we went for a wander around the grounds for some photos with the bridal party.

I love the 2nd image – there was just a patch of sunlight falling on the base of a tree which acted like a spotlight, allowing us to darken everything around them. Getting excited about patches of light is a bit of a geeky photographer thing I suppose…

Congrats to Holly for capturing the final image you see here – gorgeous.

Enjoy this little taste of what’s to come!


25th Feb – Laura & Paul’s wedding – Sneak Preview!

On Saturday Amber & I headed up to Auckland to photograph Paul and Laura’s wedding, which was held on their parents’ orchard out in Oratia.

The weather had cleared since Friday, but there were still a few showers hanging around – which also meant clouds & dramatic skies – yay!

The rain wasn’t enough to deter Laura & bridesmaids arrival at the ceremony… on a tractor!
Very cool!

Afterwards, we wandered down the hill around the orchard with the bridal party, and got some fantastic shots.

Enjoy this little taster, and keep an eye out for more soon!


25th Feb – John & Victoria’s wedding – Sneak Preview!

Hi guys,

On Friday Alysse and I ventured out in the torrential rain to photograph John & Victoria’s wedding at the Hotel Du Vin, near Bombay.

Luckily for us, the hotel had some beautiful interior decorating which we were able to base the photo shoot around – and at the end they even got out in the rain with an umbrella for a few shots outdoors – which was great, as it captured the rain & told a bit of the story of the day!

Enjoy this little taster – and stay tuned for some more photos soon!


22nd Feb – Blogging update!

Hey guys,

If you’ve checked our bookings calendar recently, you’ll know that this is an insane time of year for us – we shot John & Victoria’s wedding on Friday, then Paul & Laura’s wedding yesterday, we are just heading out the door for Luke & Kylie’s wedding now, and I have Chris & Natalie’s wedding to shoot tomorrow!!

So all I have time for at the moment is to come home, backup all of the files, and then try to get some rest so I’m fresh for the next day!

Hence the absence of ‘sneak previews’ right at the moment – I’ll get some shots up sometime during the week for you to have a look at!

I’ll probably cut down on the 2nd update on the blog from each wedding also – as I’m sure everyone would rather I spend my time working on actually finishing off the editing of their wedding!!

So hang in there – more pictures are on the way soon!


19th Feb – Gareth & Liliana’s wedding – Sneak Preview!

Hey guys,

On Sunday we headed up to Auckland to photograph Gareth & Lili’s wedding at Sorrento in Cornwall Park.

Afterwards, we headed around the park for some photos – including around the cottage & stone steps – which was cool for us, as we hadn’t shot much there before, and it’s always exciting to work with new ideas!

I really like the one of all the bridal party in the tree – I love layers of people in photographs, varying the height & depth that people are standing / sitting at, and this tree was perfect for it!

We then headed down Twin Oak drive with just the two of them, where they had a little picnic & some champagne – and we worked a few photos around their awesome vintage Mercedes car.

Finally, we rejoined the bridal party at a location that was Lili’s particular request – a sunken garden that I never knew existed! I loved the circular aspect of it, and a shot of the bridal party running around it enhances the circle – which I think is cool.

It was a really fun day – enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for more soon!


16th Feb – Michael & Paula’s wedding – Sneak Preview

On Saturday we photographed Michael & Paula’s wedding at the Reformed Church in Hamilton.

Although it rained most of the day, by the time the photo shoot arrived it had cleared up beautifully – with just enough cloud to soften the light & make for great photos!

Their bridal party photo shoot was heaps of fun – as 9 of the 10 members of the bridal party had gone to Hamilton Christian School, they wanted to revisit their glory days with a “school themed” photo shoot – which was really cool!

So… we have included in the shots a posed “class photo” (which reminds me, I never want to be a school photographer – haha!); a few shots in the classrooms with suitably bored looking ‘students’ – and a secret rendezvous in the library! All in all – very fun!

We stopped off on the way back from the school at a field close to where Paula lives, and so we were able to combine some sweeping landscape shots with a place which is significant to them as well.

It was a fantastic day – enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for more soon!


11th Feb – More from Wayne & Jodi’s wedding

Here are a few more images from Wayne & Jodi’s wedding at Settler’s Manor in Waimauku – I especially love the shots of the little girl smelling the flowers, very cute!

I quite like the warm, vintage tones in the shots – it comes up beautifully against the vivid green, and really suits the feel of Settlers.

Enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for the online gallery – on the way soon!

Right, time to get back to work!