27th Jan – Ken & Laura’s Magazine Album

Hey guys,

I just realized we don’t actually have a magazine album layout on our site – something I’ll get to work on once I have some time!

One of our recent designs was for Ken & Laura – and we just heard back from them yesterday once they had received their album – it was so lovely that I had to share:


I knew the album was gona be great but…

I really can’t believe how amazing it is. The photos, the layout and colours are spectacular!
I honestly can’t express how much I love it. Almost everyone we’ve shown has said it’s the best wedding album they’ve seen and it is by far the most beautiful I have ever seen. Thank you guys so much! You have an amazing talent and I’m so grateful!!
My favourite page at the moment is the one of me and my bridesmaids getting ready with the orchids in the backround. It’s so sweet and pretty and girly. But I also løve the black and white daisy page with the one shot in colour and the page with us in the doorway. Wow! I honestly just love every page! And every page is so different!! I’m in awe.
Thanks again Isaac and Amber
Love you guys!!


Yay!! We love it when we hear such great feedback!

So I thought that I’d also upload the design so that you can see what we can do with magazine albums – obviously it’s quite small, as I’ve downsized it for the blog – the overall size of these spreads is 8″ x 20″.

Here’s the layout – enjoy!!


25th Jan – Nick & Kylie’s wedding – sneak preview

Yesterday we photographed Nick & Kylie’s wedding in Te Kowhai.

The sun was shining, the skies were blue, and it was warm!

The ceremony was at Nick’s parent’s house, and everyone enjoyed seeing all of the work that had gone into preparing the venue all come together.

Afterwards, we headed over to Raglan for some beach photos – and put that stunning blue sky to good use! In fact, I haven’t boosted the blues in any of these shots – some have just had a vignette around the edge to make it a bit darker, but it really was this blue – straight out of the camera!

We had a great time – I love Raglan (in fact I usually head over a few times per week if the surf is good, so it feels like a second home) and we love photographing there!

Enjoy the photos guys, and we’ll have more up soon!


21st Jan – Matt & Tamzin’s wedding – sneak preview

On Sunday we photographed Matt & Tamzin’s wedding out at Woodlands, near Hamilton.

They were such a wonderfully laid back & relaxed couple – truly a pleasure to photograph!

The weather came to the party too – raining in the morning, but by the afternoon it had cleared up beautifully & was perfect for photos – just enough cloud to soften the light.

We had a great time – thanks to both of you for being such willing models!

Enjoy the photos – more to come soon :)


20th Jan – More from Simon & Kate’s wedding

Hi guys,

A few more shots from Simon & Kate’s wedding – up in the gorgeous bush at Kuranui Lodge.

I love how the orange in the bridesmaid’s dresses stands out against the dense green – great colour choice!

Enjoy the photos, and keep an eye out for the online gallery on our “recent” page soon.


19th Jan – More from Will & Sarah’s wedding

Hi guys,

Here are a few more shots from Will & Sarah’s wedding, to keep you going!

I love the sequence with Sarah’s little nephew looking for more petals in the flowergirl’s basket – unfortunately there was only one left, and look where that ended up!

Enjoy the photos, and keep an eye out for the online gallery on the “recent” page soon.


To get into the field we were shooting in, there were two options: Climb the fence right there at the carpark, or walk a few hundred metres up to the gate. Guess which one Sarah opted for !

12th Jan – How to ensure you get great wedding photos!

Ever wondered what you can do to help ensure you get amazing photos? An obvious first step is to choose a photographer you’re comfortable with!

We’ve also compiled a list of what we view as important aspects of wedding photography. Some relate to planning the schedule of your wedding day, and others are things you can keep in mind on the day itself.

So without further ado…

Step #1: Be on time.

One of the biggest stress factors we see on a wedding day is when things run late. The most common cause for things running late is the “fashionably late” arrival of the bride at the ceremony. Always budget this into your time frame.
Make sure you ask your hairdresser and make up artist how long they expect it will take and give them extra time to work their magic.
The two times in your day which are set in concrete are your ceremony and the meal at your reception. The time in between this is your photo time. Anything that runs late is going to have a direct effect on the time you can spend on your photos, and consequently the number and variety of images we are able to deliver.

Step #2: Give us time.
There are certain stages of your day where we can produce some stunning photos, however we need the time to take them. We recommend budgeting at least 30 mins between the time you are all dressed and ready to go and when you actually need to leave. If you give us the chance, this is what we can achieve at this stage of the day:

The other big part of your day in photographic terms is the bridal party “photoshoot”. To get a wide variety of images we recommend 2 hours, not including any travel time between locations. We know from our own wedding that there is often pressure from family to shorten this time, as your guests will be waiting. Just remember, this your one chance to get some stunning wedding photos, and ultimately what you will have to remember your wedding day for the rest of your life!

In ten years time, no one will remember the schedule of your day, but they will be able to look at your album and say “Wow, what amazing photos!”

Step #3: Delegate.
Take advantage of all the people who are willing to help on your day (and that will be pretty much everyone!). If you have small children involved with the wedding, have someone who isn’t in the immediate bridal party organised to keep an eye on them. Don’t try and take it all on yourself, have other people who know what is going on, so when your big day arrives you can sit back and enjoy it!

Step #4: Don’t worry if it rains.
Some of our all time favourite photos have been from rainy, grey days. It softens the light and makes for dramatic and moody skies. As much as we may try, there is nothing you can do to control the weather so you may as well make the most of it and think “at least we will get stunning photos!”

Step #5: Be relaxed.
If you have got the first 4 points sorted, you will find it much easier to relax. This will shine through in the photos and ensures that you look natural and at ease. Don’t feel that you need to look at the camera or force a smile. Our most common direction during the photos will be to look at each other and take the time to reflect on your day so far. We guarantee that you won’t be able to help but smile.

We have left the best for last. If you only remember one point from this whole list, make it this one. The more adventurous you are, the more likely it is that we will be able to create some fantastic images that will wow your family and friends. Climb a fence, walk on the beach, lie in a field, or even stand out on the rocks in the middle of a storm! You may get a little soggy, the bottom of your dress may get a little dirty, but dresses clean, people dry, and your photos will last forever!

11th Jan – Simon & Kate’s wedding – sneak preview

Yesterday we photographed Simon & Kate’s wedding at Kuranui Lodge, near Fitzgerald Glade in Tirau.

The lush green bush provided a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony, and afterwards we went on a little trek to an awesome patch of native forest.

Shooting in the bush was a great experience, and we very much enjoyed it – especially since it was nice and cool in there!

Enjoy the photos, and we’ll have some more up soon!


11th Jan – Will & Sarah’s wedding – sneak preview

On Friday we headed to Auckland to photograph Will & Sarah’s wedding at the Eastview Baptist church.

Afterwards, we headed to Cornwall Park & took some photos up on One Tree Hill and the surrounding areas.

The sky was overcast, and gave us the opportunity to get some awesome dramatic cloud shots. Very cool.

Thanks to Will, Sarah, and their bridal party for being so enthusiastic & adventurous – it really shines through in the photos!

More to follow soon – enjoy the photos!


February & March wedding people – update!!

Hi guys,

This is a general message that we’re posting for all of our February & March clients, just to keep you all in the loop!

As you may be able to see from our bookings calendar, we’re pretty busy over this period, with 3 or 4 weddings per week most of February.

Due to this, we just wanted to let everyone know we definitely haven’t forgotten about you, and will certainly be in touch within about 7-10 days of your wedding – as we’d like to keep it fresh in our minds, rather than confirm everything a month beforehand and then need to go through the process again closer to the date anyway.

So don’t worry at all, we’ll definitely be in touch with you to confirm all of your wedding details!

We can usually confirm everything we need to know via email, however if you would like to arrange another meeting with us prior to your wedding, it will need to be quite soon, as once February begins we have no real free time left! As Amber is still full-time teaching, she’ll be working every day at school, and every Saturday & Sunday at a wedding, from now until March – so I’d like to give her as much downtime as I can!!!

So if you would like to meet again, the best time is going to be between Jan 19th and Jan 24th – pretty much any time of day should work I think.

Enjoy the wonderful sunshine – and we very much look forward to seeing all of you again in the near future!


7th Jan – We’re back!!

Hey everyone – Happy New Year to you all!

We’re back from our Milford Sound trip, which was so fun – wet, but fun!

We’ve even rustled up a few photos to share with you!

We began our trip in Te Anau – where we stayed for a few nights. Here’s the amazing lake backdrop:

We went across to the glow-worm caves – well worth the trip (even though we couldn’t take photos inside there – so here’s one of Amber on the boat on the way across!)

A few days in, we drove the Milford road down to Milford Sound. This is definitely my official favourite road in New Zealand – the scenery is incredible.

Here’s Amber in a huge field of wild lupins

Isaac staring vacantly into space

A field I’d love to shoot wedding photos in

And the famous Homer Tunnel.

At this point, the plot thickens. While waiting at the Homer tunnel entrance for the lights to turn green, we noticed tourists gathering around with their cameras, pointing down towards the ground. A quick investigation revealed about 5 beautiful kea, who didn’t mind the attention at all!
Here’s one of them

We fell in love with these cheeky birds while in the Milford Sound, they really are just as mischievous as popular culture suggests. Here’s two sitting on a rack of mountain bikes from a hire company. Luckily the trailer of bikes wasn’t there long, as they were making short work of destroying handgrips, tyres, anything they could get their beaks into!

They even came and sat on the deck of our Milford chalet every evening – here’s one up nice & close.. (they loved to peck on the glass window, and I’m sure wouldn’t have hesitated to come inside if they had the chance!

Which brings me to our gorgeous Milford accommodation. It was right on the riverfront – which was kinda scary when a big storm came through and we watched the river creeping closer & closer to our deck – luckily it subsided just as quickly. This is the view from inside – & us chilling out at the table!

And the view from our front deck:

Later that evening I headed out during a break in the rain to hunt for some rivers. I had in mind the quintessential Fiordland shot – mossy trees overhanging a flowing creek, and didn’t have to look far!

On my return, I was just in time to catch the sun setting over the sound:

The follwing day, we took a cruise on Milford Sound, right out to where it meets the Tasman Sea on the coast. Here’s a few images looking back towards the sound from out at sea:

And there were some amazing waterfalls – all that rain was good for something!

Here’s a resident seal

After three days in Milford, it was time to head back to Queenstown. On the way, we stopped in at Lake Manapouri – and avoided the sandflies while quickly setting up the tripod & running in front of the camera on timer delay to get this shot

On arrival in Queenstown, we headed across to Glenorchy – which was where they filmed a good deal of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The scenery was spectuacular – this was a side of the road shot halfway there

Once we arrived, we had a bit of a play with the camera gear – an old red shed was beckoning to us, so we set a flash up off to the side (dangerously attached to the tripod with stretchy-ties) and got this shot

Then we decided to move the light inside the shed to get some backlighting – and it resulted in this shot

Finally, we used the light to balance out the bright background in this shot

To finish off, I’ve thrown in 4 panorama shots I took at various places on the trip – they look really small on the blog as they are so long & narrow – but full size they’re quite spectacular! These consist of about 14 shots each, as I slowly move through a 180 degree turn, and then stitch them all together on the computer.

Milford Road x 2

Milford Sound


So there you have it – 7 days of rain, reading books, and photography – which was really relaxing. We’re now right back into it as the height of the “wedding season” approaches – so stay tuned for plenty of sneak previews ahead, plus a “5 ways to get better wedding photos” guide.

Isaac & Amber.