Matt & Mel’s wedding – sneak preview

Yesterday we were lucky enough to photograph the wedding of our close friends Matthew & Melanie. They were guests at our wedding 18 months ago, and it was awesome to be guests, and photographers, at theirs.

Amber & Matt went to Intermediate & High school together, and we have all become close friends. It was so much fun – you guys are the loveliest couple, and it was an amazing wedding! Congratulations from both of us, and we know that you guys will have an amazing married life together.

Have a great honeymoon – here are a few shots to keep you going!



NZIPP Qualified!

Last weekend was really busy for me – with Luke & Sarah’s wedding on Saturday, and then Sunday & Monday was the annual New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) conference in Tauranga.

To advertise that you are a member of NZIPP, you need to become qualified – which entails submitting an album of images all from the same wedding, which is then scrutinized by a panel of 6 of the best wedding photographers in New Zealand, who then make the call as to whether or not you meet their standard of ‘professional’.

The week prior to the conference I submitted an album to be judged – and am happy to report that it passed with flying colours!! So I can now officially add “NZIPP Qualfied Member” after my name!!

Yay!!! It’s definitely been a nervous 2 weeks between submitting the album and then waiting to hear back as to whether it passed or not. I can now rest easy though!


28th August 2008 – Shot of the week

This week isn’t so much one photo – more of a composite to show how much fun you can have with Photoshop..

First, here are the original images – 3 photos taken at Luke & Sarah’s wedding last weekend. The first was a cute little note on the blackboard, the second a funky woodblock calendar, and the final image was taken just after their ceremony.

All combined together, we end up with this cool composite which is great as a cover image, as it has a shot of them, their names, and the wedding date all within the one image! Cool aye!


Luke & Sarah – some more shots

Here are a few more shots from Luke & Sarah’s wedding – their online gallery will also be up on our “recent” page in the next day or so.



Luke & Sarah – sneak preview

Today we photographed Luke & Sarah’s wedding at Waikato Diocesan Chapel, and then had so much fun doing their photo shoot around the city centre. There were plenty of car toots as the bridal party bravely posed outside some decidedly dodgy-looking locations!

But the photos came out beautifully – so much so that it’s now 11.30pm on the night of their wedding & I’m already wanting to get these few up as a taster of what’s to come!


More to come soon!

21 August – Shots of the “week” – Pahoia United

OK – I’ve been super slack with getting a weekly shot up on here – so here’s five to make up for it.
Except they weren’t taken this week… so maybe that’s cheating…

One of the cool things about a blog is that I can share stuff that isn’t wedding related – and earlier this year we had the opportunity to do a band photo shoot.

A friend of mine is a teacher at Pahoia primary school near Tauranga – and has helped the students create a band, called ‘Pahoia United’. Click here to visit their band website

Check out their latest song & video – “Run”. The song is an original, and the instruments & vocals are all performed by the students – who are all only 9, 10, & 11 years old!
These guys are really amazing!!!

Anyway – we were lucky enough to do a photo shoot for these guys, so we headed over to Tauranga & found some cool graffiti & industrial backgrounds that give the shots an edgy feel.

So here they are: Pahoia United!!

Cool aye! So go and check out their band website!

Lovely Feedback

I love hearing back from people who are stoked with the photos we’ve taken.

I just got this email out of the blue yesterday (and I hope Helen doesn’t mind me sharing it!):

” Hi Guys,
Just wanted to let you know that we are still buzzing about our wedding photos.. even 8 months later. I can never wait to get them out when guests arrive! We have had one blown up onto an A1 canvas which looks great in our lounge!! Its so crazy to think that my husband stumbled across your website in our desperate search for affordable photographers!! I was scepticle at first because I wanted to be sure that affordable didnt mean cheap and nasty!! But every time I see our photos now I am blown away again & again at the beauty & creativity of them!!
So really we just wanted to say again.. THANK YOU SO MUCH for preserving our special day.. You did it so well!!
Helen & Matthew Rose. “

Isn’t that awesome!! It made me smile!

Anyway – here’s a couple of their shots from their wedding day, so you can put faces to these lovely comments!

posted by (still smiling) Isaac.

11th August 2008 – Shot of the week

OK – there’s a bit of a story to go with this one…

A while ago we were out at this stream, having a picnic. I wanted to take a shot of the water flowing over the stones, but it was too sunny – and therefore I couldn’t get a long enough shutter speed without making the image too bright.

It has been on my mind for a while since then, and I could see in my head how I wanted the picture to look. So yesterday morning, I got up in the dark, drove the 30 minutes out to the stream, set up my tripod in the middle of the river and waited for it to get light enough. Just as dawn was breaking, I shot one frame and was happy with it. So I packed everything up again and drove home.

The effort was worth it – because now I have that shot that I had been picturing in my mind for the last few months. Here’s how it came out: