More from Barrie & Brenda’s wedding

Here are a few more shots from Barrie & Brenda’s wedding – and their online gallery is also up – check it out on our “recent” page.

One aspect I thought was really cool was that they read the poem “The Owl & the Pussycat” by Edward Lear as part of their wedding ( I like that poem!)… and I thought it tied in quite nicely with the boat that is out at Willowglen that we used for their photos.

So the first image below was the result of that – it took quite a bit of time to get the text to curve in just the way it would if it was written on the side of the boat, but I quite like the end effect. It’s not as easy to read since the images on this blog are sized down quite a bit, but you can see it clearer on the online gallery.

Enjoy! Isaac.

27 July 2008 – Shots of the week

OK so it’s been a bit longer than a week since the last “shot of the week” – so I’ll need to endeavour to get things posted quicker!

This week I took a cool photo of some stones in a stream – by using a long shutter speed of about 30 seconds I was able to get the water looking all nice & smooth across the stones.. I quite like the overall effect.

The scariest bit was having a rather expensive camera suspended over a stream by my tripod, with an even more expensive lens pointing straight down into the water… uughh.

Luckily, everything survived and I ended up with this:

Enjoy! Isaac.

Our Wedding

The coolest thing about photographing weddings as a couple is that we both get to relive a piece of our own wedding day, which took place in Jan 07.
We often have people asking about our day – and so we thought we’d share some of our favourite shots with you all!!

Thanks to Brett Lees from Unique Visions who took our photos on the day – we love them!!

Note Amber’s longer hair, and Isaac’s dyed mohawky thingee – both now gone!!

I think that our wedding was the only rainy day in the whole of January, but we wouldn’t have had it any other way! We even had most of our photo shoot pre-wedding (we’re not really that traditional, if you can’t guess from the orange dress) – and we were soaked!! But it was so much fun, and we have beautiful photos as a result. The grey skies really set off the shots with the sea in them, especially the wharf ones. I really don’t think they would look anywhere near as dramatic & moody if it was a typical sunny summer’s day.

So if it rains on your wedding day, don’t stress!! Enjoy it for what it is, and go play in the rain!

Isaac & Amber.

We were married by Amber’s mum, Peta, who is one of the coolest celebrants you’ll find – if you haven’t found a celebrant yet, check out her site – Ceremony Planning Services

Natalie (who wants to get married in the Karangahake Gorge)

I got an email the other day from a Natalie who is planning to get married in the Karangahake Gorge near Tauranga.

Natalie – if you happen to be reading this, you didn’t leave an email address on your enquiry form, and therefore I have no way of contacting you!! So give us an email or call if you see this!

(I just thought that getting married in the Karangahake Gorge was such a cool idea, and we would love the opportunity to do a wedding shoot in there!!)


Aimee’s Portrait Shoot

We needed to have a wander around Hamilton City Centre to gain some inspiration for a wedding that we’re shooting in August (stay tuned for Luke & Sarah’s photos in the future) – and luckily our friend Aimee stepped in as model for us.
So here’s what we found, and a few of our fav shots..

Cool aye! Thanks Aimee for being such a willing model (victim).
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Barrie & Brenda’s Wedding – sneak preview

Wow. What an amazing wedding!
Congratulations to you both, it was a fantastic day, and I hope that your celebrations into the evening were awesome.
During the ceremony was definitely the closest I’ve come to crying behind a camera – it was obviously very personal & special to you both.

Anyway – here’s a sneak preview of how your photos are looking:

Great – enjoy the photos, and we’ll have more to follow soon!
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16 July 2008 – Shots of the week

I’ve been playing with infra-red shots this week – I love the ethereal effect of the white foliage, contrasting with the dark water.

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Introducing our new blog!

Well, I’ve finally taken the leap and started my venture into the blogging world!

Over the next little while I’ll be trying to tweak the layout of the blog a little more, so hopefully it doesn’t all disappear!

So to begin, a brief introduction:

I’m Isaac de Reus, and have been interested in photography for years – although it’s only recently that I’ve taken this passion & turned it into my job!
My wife Amber has also developed a love for taking photos – which is good because it’s now far easier to convince her that I really need this or that new piece of expensive gear!

Currently we are based in Hamilton, but we enjoy traveling all over the countryside to shoot photos.
In fact, one thing I’m planning to do is to keep a regular “shot of the week” feature running on this blog, where I’ll post my favourite shot or two from the past week.

Wedding season is over now, hence the reason I have some spare time to work on things like this blog – and also I’m really looking forward to getting out & shooting some personal interest work – hopefully I’ll get something up in the next few days… we also have a few winter weddings on the way, so stay tuned for some of those shots!

Before I sign off, meet the other member of our family – Dahli.
She often assists us in the office, her duties range from sitting on the keyboard while I’m trying to type, to sitting atop my monitor & peering down at what I’m doing… to just generally being a nuisance – but she’s too cute to ignore, so we keep her on!

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