28 December – My awesome little bro

OK – so apparently we are going on holiday and I’m not posting any more blog posts… except this one – just couldn’t resist sharing!!

Well, this afternoon Amber & I headed over to Cambridge to catch up with my little brother, who is rapidly becoming an amazing freestyle bmx rider. We had agreed to do a shoot at the skatepark – half for him to have some shots, and half for me to play with some lighting & ideas I had after being inspired by some magazine stuff I had seen.

So we headed over close to sunset to catch the good light at the end of the day – and Amber also snapped a few shots of the whole setup – the work in progress!!

Here’s me – getting a nice low angle for the shot to catch the sky, and balancing the light with my flash & umbrella…

And here’s the shot…

Cool aye! Here’s another, this time I’m up high to spotlight the stairs with the light, while aiming to keep the sky in the background. My dad is holding the light out overhead – thanks Dad, I wouldn’t have got this image without you!

And here’s the shot…

I love the way that the light trails off into the distance down the path – it adds a real sense of depth to the image.

Here are a few more of my favourites from the session – enjoy!

Cool – thanks to my little brother for being such a willing model! Now I just need to convince a bride in her wedding dress to get on the bike and get some airtime….
Since that’s not happening, I’ll leave it there – I do have some more exciting stuff to put up, but it’ll have to wait for a week until we’re back!

Enjoy the summer – and stay tuned for more soon.


27th December – Belated Christmas tidings – and an adventure…

Hi guys,

Merry Christmas to all our blog-stalkers out there (you know who you are… hi Mum…)!!

Hope that you all had a great time with family, and stayed safe on the roads!

We had a busy one – Amber’s family are in Auckland, and mine are in Cambridge, so we split Xmas day into half each with a drive in the middle – which we’ve done the last 3 or 4 years. It’s actually really nice, having a two hour drive in the middle of the day with just the two of us, turn the stereo up and cruise along in the sun… lovely!

Anyway – we’re off to the exciting Milford Sound for a week or so – something we’ve always wanted to do, and always missed whenever we’ve been down South. So we’re leaving our flatmates in charge of the house & the lovely cat Dahli, and embarking on a photography tour.

So no blog updates for the next week or so – as I don’t even think they’ve invented Internet down there – but stay tuned for some (hopefully) beautiful pictures when we get back! Then it’s full swing into the “wedding season” – and plenty more blog updates to follow – just check the bookings calendar!

Have a great New Years – stay safe – and we’ll be in touch again soon!!

Isaac & Amber

22 December – Something different

OK – this is a little bit different – we’ve put together a sort of “montage” I suppose from Jonathan & Holly’s wedding with all of the images.

Amber came up with the idea for this when she accidentally held down the “next image” key in our viewing & editing program. We kind of liked the super fast scroll through the shots, it gave an almost “still motion” video aspect to the wedding day.

So we thought we’d give it a whirl as a slideshow – there are still a few kinks to iron out when making these – eg somewhere in the encoding process the images have become a little compressed & squeezed – but overall I’m quite pleased with the result.

My slideshow program definitely doesn’t like working with approximately 2800 images though – I think it crashed about 10 times trying to put this together!

Anyway, without further ado – here it is. I would suggest hitting ‘Play’ and then pausing it straight away to let the video fully buffer before you watch it.

(NB) This isn’t one of the “DVD Slideshows” we offer – those are about 100 images over 8 minutes. This is 2800 images over three & a half minutes, and purely for fun!!

Post a comment & let us know what you think!


Jono & Holly – wedding montage from Instant Wedding Photography on Vimeo.

21st December – Denis & Sophie’s wedding – Sneak Preview

Yesterday we headed up to Footbridge Lodge in Auckland to photograph Denis & Sophie’s wedding.

The rain was threatening all day, but held off throughout their photos before the ceremony, and during Sophie’s carriage ride to the chapel.

It was the first chance we’d had to shoot a horse & carriage, so we made the most of every opportunity!

The rain arrived after the ceremony, and looked like it was going to prevent us from taking any photos down at the beautiful lake – but luckily it cleared, and held out for the whole photo shoot – meant to be!

As we arrived back at the reception, the rain began to pour down – further proof that it was holding off just for Denis & Sophie!

It was a lovely day – enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for more soon.

Isaac & Amber.

21st December – More from Jonathan & Holly’s wedding

Hi guys,

Here are a few more shots from Jonathan & Holly’s wedding last week. Also, keep an eye out for their online gallery, which should be up on our ‘recent’ page later on this afternoon.

I love the lighting in the ones in front of the old barn – just enough flash coming in from the side to accent them, while allowing the rest of the building to stay dark & moody.

Enjoy the photos!


14th December – Jonathan & Holly’s wedding – Sneak Preview!

Yesterday we photographed Jonathan & Holly’s wedding, at a variety of locations – beginning in Cambridge, then the ceremony at Matamata Presbyterian Church, then to Lake Karapiro for some photos, then on to Tamahere for some more photos and the reception at Gail’s.

We were happy to see some clouds – this is the first Saturday in about 2 months that it hasn’t been bright blue sunny skies. The clouds are great for us – as they soften the shadows & make the light less harsh, and also everyone stays a bit cooler! Clouds also make for great dramatic skies – like the lovely skies we got over Lake Karapiro!

Enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for more soon!


14th December – More from Tim & Shannon’s wedding

Here are a few more shots from Tim & Shannon’s wedding last weekend at the Mystery Creek Heritage Village.

As promised, there are the shots from the cool old garage, along with some of our other favourites from the day.

Enjoy the photos, & stay tuned for more soon!


14th December – More from Leighton & Lisa’s wedding

Hey guys,

It’s been a hectic week – I was running a school camp, which involved 4 days of surfing at various beaches around the North Island. Now this might sound like a pretty sweet deal, but when you’re responsible for students in the water, it’s actually quite draining! When you include driving a van to & from Hamilton to Raglan, Whangamata, etc each day, it all adds up to a tiring experience!

So all last week I had no energy whatsoever once I got home each evening – hence the quiet on the blog front!

Never fear, however, because I am now officially a full-time professional photographer (which I find very exciting!) – school has finished, and I have now left the teaching profession to devote more time to our business. I’m very excited about the prospect of actually having evenings off – getting all my processing done during the day & then having some downtime!

Anyway – without further ado – more from Lisa & Leighton’s wedding! Enjoy the photos, and keep an eye out for the online gallery in the next few days.


6 December – Tim & Shannon’s wedding – sneak preview

Hi guys,

Today we photographed Tim & Shannon’s wedding at the Heritage Village at Mystery Creek.

Their gorgeous son, Cooper, came along for some photos, looking very suave in his outfit!

Like the last few weekends, the sun was out in full force – so we tried to incorporate shade into the photo shoot – both to soften the shadows, and for some relief from the heat!

A big yellow shed provided a cool setting for some vibrant images, as well as the beautiful gardens & river for the more traditional ‘heritage village’ aspect. There was also a neat old gas station – but you’ll have to wait until next post for those ones!

It was a really lovely day – thanks to you both for inviting us to share a part in it!
Enjoy the photos, and stay tuned for more in the near future!

Isaac & Amber.

2 December – More shots from Ken & Laura’s wedding

Hey all,

Here are a few more shots from Ken & Laura’s wedding a week ago – a little something to keep you going!!

I’ve yet to get to bed before 1am the last few days – looks like it’s going to be one of those weeks!
(and it’s not even February yet!)

Although the good news is that I soon get to focus 100% of the time on weddings – for those of you who don’t know, Amber & I are also both full-time teachers – which certainly keeps us busy!

So at the moment, it’s teaching in the day-time, editing photos at night, and weddings on weekends! School is nearly finished for the year though, and next year I’m going fulltime into the photography business – so I can do all of this stuff during the day, rather than the small hours of the morning! I’m very excited!

So enjoy the photos – and we’ll have more up soon!